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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blogging–a Way of Life?

Sadly, I’ve been rather neglectful of my blogger friends and blog.  Well, not totally neglectful, reading but not writing, not even writing many comments.  Which of course means I’ve not been receiving many comments or replies either.

A few days ago, I read of a blogger who was ready to give up blogging because she had few followers, and received no comments.  Her lament did not go unnoticed – and suddenly she had more followers and comments than she could handle.  But all of that got me to thinking.

Why do I blog?  What do I expect from blogging?  What is the purpose (read MY purpose) in blogging?

I guess I just needed a break.  I had been feeling a bit bogged down by it all – so many bloggers out there, so many blogs to read, so many bloggers with whom to connect, so many comments to make, so many deadlines to meet (swaps, and groups and quilt-alongs)….. 

And the reality, my follower list grows slowly (which is okay, I can’t keep up with all of them anyway), and only a few actually comment and/or reply to my comments.

I thought of quitting.  But a conversation with Grizz, who encouraged me saying he enjoys my blog posts, and he knows there are a few others out there who appreciate the connectedness, stopped me. 

Okay, then, how to proceed?  Well after some thought, and another conversation with an ‘unofficial’ follower (thanks sis-in-law), I’ve come to a decision.

No more swaps, no more groups, no more quilt-alongs, no more blog hops, no more give-aways (either entering or sponsoring).  Just enjoy the relationship with those who are connected, and don’t worry about the others.  Just enjoy sharing what’s meaningful to me, without deadlines and boundaries and pressure. 

This has meant weeding out the blogs that I’ve been following (which BTW really freed up a lot of time previously spent reading blogs and commenting). 

This also means that I’m only commenting when I have something meaningful to say, so if you’re not hearing from me, it’s not because I’m not still here – I am still reading your blogs, just not saying anything if I don’t actually have something to say.


Having said all that – I will now go on to post about the last little while in my life, and what I’ve been doing.  Stay tuned – coming right up!

Happy blogging all!              Blessings, Peg


  1. It can become some what overwhelming, can't it? I've had similar types of discussions with myself, and ultimately, came to much the same conclusion, and did do some weeding and narrowing down of who I was following, stopped doing swaps, and really tried to limit the amount of time spent on the computer. My blog was started as a place to document what I was doing, more for myself than anyone else, and the rest just happened. I do enjoy it, but I needed to put it into perspective. Number 1 is to make sure you are enjoying what you are doing. I'm glad you've decided to continue Peg.

    (I like my conversations with your SIL, too!)

  2. I also enjoy reading your blog posts even though I do not often comment. I've had similar feelings about my own blog, but I like your attitude: no deadlines, no boundaries, no pressure!

    It's even harder for me to figure out who is following me now that Google has disabled Friend Connect for non-blogger blogs. I just hope and assume they are out there somewhere! haha

  3. I am glad you are continuing as well. I don't think we should pressure ourselves about the stats or about performing, etc. For me, it is a way to document what I am working on and how I am feeling about it and if others are interested that is great! Blogging is a valuable resource - I have learned a lot from others and I hope someone has learned something from me too!

  4. I agree - I love to be connected to friends and family through the blog - and blog friends - but endless rounds of "must read" or "must comment" have gotten to me too. As you know, I stopped all challenges and such a while back and I feel so much freer. On my photo blog I was trying out doing linky blog posts - where you link to a group that is showing photos of the same subject, and although others seem to do it effortlessly it made blogging no fun for me - so back to my own style,in my own time.

    I'm sure you will enjoy your new direction.

  5. I know exactly what you are saying... I totally agree!! I enjoy blogging...but there are seasons...I don't have time to comment or have a comment...but I do enjoy it when I do have the time!

  6. I think you have put into words what a lot of folks are thinking. I do a few memes and swaps just to remind me what day of the week or month it is. I am just enjoying myself and lose track of the days since I don't go out much. My choice. I am putting my blog into print. Have six done now. I am glad you are staying in. Blessings

  7. I understand what you all mean. I'm a new blogger, but I've already decided not to let my ego dictate how I feel about my blog. I don't need hundreds of followers. I already have a full-time job; I don't need another one. Therefore, I post mostly for myself and a few friends and family members. All are welcome to read it, but it primarily keeps me focused and motivated to finish my current projects. Oh, and by the way, Hi! I'm Debbi. It's nice to meet you.

  8. I have moments when it is all just overwhelming - I think we all do. It's okay to stay connected or not... it's like any other friendship. Sometimes I don't communicate with old friends for several years - and then I am amazed that they are still my friends. Love the dog cartoon. I'll have to show it to my dog. Do you think he'll laugh?

  9. Funny that this should come up! All of those that commented are of the same mindset Peg. I started blogging to "get connected" to various other quilters out there. Thing is, a person can become so connected that time to listen to your own inner thoughts gets lost. I with the rest of you...blog because it makes YOU happy...blog because YOU want to...I am glad that you have decided to continue. I'll look forward to seeing what you have to share, when you are ready to share it. Now on to some projects that have been neglected because I have spent too much time on this infernal computer!

  10. Great post Peg and same as everyone else I totally agree and enjoy reading your blog. With my fulltime job I don't have time to swap and rarely comment. It drastically cuts into my sewing time LOL. Although I love to receive comments on my blog I have to remind my self that is not why I blog. I like to post what I'm working on when I get a chance and maybe make someone smile once in awhile(no pressure).

  11. Oh, what timing for this post - I currently have nearly 250 posts that I need to catch up on, all while navigating my already busy life!! Like you, I only comment when I have something I really want to say - otherwise, I read, perhaps favourite, and move on. Good for you, for making the decision that you have; blogging, I've discovered, can be a great way to connect, but can also be a bit of a trap that keeps you from doing what you started blogging about in the first place!!

  12. I go through that on a regular basis, Sis. One day I wonder what the point is; the next I'm inspired by something and just have to write it down. I think I blog because it gives me an excuse to write. Sometimes I wish I reached a larger audience, but I realize that I would find that difficult to keep up with too. So I blog from the heart. What comes from it, comes. But don't give up, I like to see your travels and quilts.