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Sunday, March 11, 2012

It’s All Progress

It’s been a busy week and a quiet week all rolled into one. 

Our Emergency Social Services team is doing a lot of organizing and getting a couple of projects rolling, which has taken up some time.  One of our projects included doing a mock Reception Center for photos.  Here we are ‘at work’:032

Work has been fairly quiet, with only 3 appointments, all on the same day.

Quilt projects are progressing – one of the ‘surprises’ is starting to take shape – here’s a wee glimpse:038

Big Bertha has undergone a bit of a transformation.  First, I replaced the leaders, with ones that actually fit (the leaders that came with her were zippered and for a 12-foot span – but I can only fit a 10-foot span in the room).  Then I had read on Elsie’s blog about leader grips.  We did some research, and I watched a bunch of U-Tube video clips, and Grizz decided he could make these for me.

We bought doweling and u-channel (for dry-wall and paneling)015

And I created the sleeve on the leaders, slid the doweling in, and attached a quilt back.   Works!!!!  At a fraction of the cost of buying them.

One quilt has been done using the grips, successfully.  I experimented with ‘floating’ the quilt top (per some of the videos I watched), but have come to the conclusion that pinning the top is still the best way to go.

Then I finally attached the skirt to BB (came with her, but I’ve been lazy about doing this).035

This lovely skirt hides a multiple of sins – and makes me forget how much I still have to do:036037

But, because BB lives in our bedroom, it makes sleeping much easier!

So progress on all fronts.  Hope you’ve all seen some progress in your projects, too.                     Blessings, Peg


  1. Job well done on BB. Congrats!

  2. Well aren't you and Grizz just so clever! Good job on making the changes so that BB will work better for you!

  3. Lovely quilt project. Can't wait to see it. Good job on BB.