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Saturday, March 31, 2012

I’ve been remiss

Sorry about that!  But I’ve simply been lazy this past week – at least about blogging.   Lots has been going on elsewhere, though, so this is a bit of a catch-up post.

Last weekend I spent most of my days at the Creative Stitches and Crafting Alive show.  So much to see, so much inspiration.

The contest this year was small quilts, denoting spring.  It was a nice little collection of quilts001




And the winner, if I understood the announcer correctly was ‘The 8 of Hearts’.   No names on the quilts, so not 100% sure which one is the winner – what do you think?

My main shopping goal for this show was thread – Aurifil, not easily available in this area, and some Egyptian cotton for the long arm.  I scored, and came home with an arm-load of neutral colors that should see me through for a while!

I attended 2 classes – one by Prairie Quilt Mercantile, where they showcases their quilts emphasizing the use of value and variety.   They gave each attendee a free pattern of their choice, and this is the one I brought home, Big Sky:

Big Sky

The other class was by The Secret Workshop, showing rulers and templates for long-arm machines.  Who knew there were so many more gadgets that (someday) I’m just going to have to have!

Both of these shops are on-line only shops, so you can all shop there too!

Then on Sunday – I emptied another bin!  This one is a ‘surprise project’, that I’m sharing with a sister-in-law.  We got our blocks all sewn together, and the borders cut out.  Now S will put the borders on and take it off to a quilter.  Here’s a little glimpse of the quilt:008

We’re really excited about this one!

We had a family gathering that evening – to honor 1st quarter birthdays.  Lots of fun – great time together!

The rest of the week, I’ve been concentrating on another surprise project.  At this stage, I’m creating 384 HST patches.  All that cutting, all that sewing, all that trimming!

To make these I’m using a method shared with me by Lynn from my sis-in-law’s guild.


Squares of fabric, 19.5” cut out”003


Then a grid of 3.25” squares marked out, and diagonals marked.


Then sew on either side of the diagonals, and once that’s done, cut on all the marked lines.

Then press and trim to 2.75” squares – and…..012

216 HST patches – only 168 to go!!!

Another scrappy quilt came off of Big Bertha this week as well, the pile is slowly dwindling.

Now March is almost over, and I’ve not done my Quilting Canadians BOM for this month.  Also the LQS BOM class is coming up, very quickly, and I need to get my block done for that.  Lots of work ahead it appears!

So I guess I’ll go and get started on some of it.  Weather has been gloomy and rainy for the past few days – a good excuse to stay indoors and sew.  Soon we’ll have nice enough weather to get outside and do some yard work.  And then it will be trailering season.

Make quilts while the rain pours, so we can make hay when the sun shines!

Happy quilting!                     Blessings, Peg


  1. How strange that they wouldn`t put names on the quilts! My guess is the black and white one with eight hearts on it. But I'm also a bit confused about what all the playing card themes have to do with spring...

  2. You have been a busy girl and it sounds like the show was fun and educational. I am amazed at all of the sewing gadgets out there and that I "need" too! The sneak peak on the surprise project does look intriguing - I am looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

  3. So not right that Snoopy didn't win! What's up with that? Although, if my guess is correct, the 8 of Hearts is very nice.