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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Bin Emptied

I started the year with so many projects on the go, that I finally broke down and bought bins to sort them all out.  Seven bins later, and I began to wonder how I was ever going to get anything done.

But….this wee project got finished up a few days ago.  I’ve waited to share it with you all until I know it had reached its final destination.

A few weeks ago, my sister asked if I could make placemats and table center mat for her triangular dining room table.  Now there was a challenge – just coming up with a pattern.  And then, the edges of the table are slightly rounded.

But, without further ado – here’s the finished products:



There are 8 of these placemats – and yes, they are narrower at the top, hoping they’ll ‘nest’ together on her table – and yes, she’ll have 2 extra, because there only is 3 sides to a triangle after all  LOL!

I saved this post until the mats had made it to their destination.  Canada Post came through fabulously and they arrived in very short order.  Here’s a pic of the mats on the table:002 (1)

So glad they worked out!

Happy designing!               Blessings, Peg


  1. brilliant...very cleverly designed!

  2. These look fantastic on the table. Wonderful design work!

  3. Amazing - I love how they fit to the table. Great job!

  4. Amazing - I love how they fit to the table. Great job!

  5. I love how they fit to the table - great job!

  6. Excellent design for such a unique table setting. Brilliantly executed.

  7. Wow that turned out perfectly. I have never seen a table like that. Custom made placemats and runner.

  8. And I love them. Got to test them at a real dinner (albeit a disastrous one!) last night. The place mats worked perfectly! My cooking left something to be desired. LOL Oh, well, at least the table was pretty. Thanks, Sis, for these gorgeous additions to my new table. I'm hoping to tackle the matching mural later this year.