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Monday, April 30, 2012

Are You Prepared?

What do you do with your weekends? 

Usually around here weekends are for catching up, getting things done that didn’t get done during the week, paying some attention to the yard, relaxing, visiting with friends and family – kind of laid back with little structure.

Well, this past Saturday was completely different.  We are members of the local Emergency Social Services team – purpose to assist folks evacuated from their homes for any reason to get temporary lodging, food, necessities.  The team was requested to host an Open House to heighten awareness of Emergency Preparedness, and to promote ESS.

A local hall was opened up for us, one of the local fire departments set up a display, and we welcomed any and all who wanted to come to learn about ESS and Emergency Preparedness.

Our new banners told the stories quite well, we thought:





We displayed the kids of supplies that would be most helpful in evacuation bins – handy to have if you ever get that call:



A cot set up showed sleeping arrangements if we ever had to provide Group Lodging (hotels full, no place else to stay):



And the firemen showed how they can rescue people if their walls collapse on top of them:015


It was a good day for us, and informative for the people who dropped in for a visit.

I ask again:  Are You Prepared?

Right now, it’s spring freshet, and the river is rising, and living in a flood plain, we’re all aware of the possibility of evacuation because of flood threat.        What are the hazards in your area?


On another note, I’ve received word that the little mat I made for my blogging buddy, Peggy, has arrived at its destination.  A few weeks ago, I shared that she wanted to be surprised, so didn’t show you then the finished product.  Well, this is it:107.Celtic mat for Peggy

Peggy says it’s perfect for her – so glad that she likes it.  It’ll help to protect her table from hot dishes and wet glasses.  And right now we’re all about being prepared for everything, even the little stuff.


I say again                          Are You Prepared?

Blessings, Peg


  1. sounds like a very informative weekend. Right now my house is a disaster zone!!! Your little mat is so cute.

  2. Great tips here. One that I have found very important is to keep a set of items in your car too including good walking shoes or boots in case you are not at home when disaster hits. How often are we out with high heels or sandals on. Not much good if you are in trouble.
    I thought for a minute the state of emergency was linked to your loss of your blog photos. Oh how awful that must have felt.

  3. Love your Celtic knot mat. Very pretty. I am not prepared in a formal way but informally I think I can survive if need be with not much. Or at least my DH can and he'd take me along with him. We have discussed that we need to have a can of gas available so that if "the big disaster" (nuclear war, invasion etc.) happens we can take the sailboat to the Pacific - 1 1/2 hours away - and sail away.... And no we aren't survivalists.... :)

  4. Love the mat! It's gorgeous. (So not prepared, though)