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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Do you see what I see

With 1 big project complete, and another well on its way, I took some time out yesterday to catch up on BOM’s.

The Quilting Canadians group on the Quilt With Us Forum is doing its second annual BOM.  This year, several of us are taking turns choosing the blocks for each month, and fabric choices are individual.  My choice was to do a blue-and-white – just because.

The March block pattern sat ignored while I concentrated on the bigger projects, so when I sat down with these yesterday, I got both March and April done, March first.  As I completed March, called Chisholm Trail, I took it to the design wall to put it with January and February.  Uh oh!



On the left – January and February blocks, on the right – March.  It’s okay, but………….I neglected to check the size of the block before I started cutting and sewing, and guess what!  The first two blocks are 9 1/2”, the third – 12 1/2”.  Oh, what to do!  I now have to decide if I can incorporate it as is, or if I’m going to have to make another block.  And all those HST’s.  After the last couple of months of making hundreds of those little dickens, not so sure I want to tackle that right now.  Sigh!  Anyway, I went on to make the April block:


And here’s the four of them together:


My hand must be shaky tonight – just can’t seem to get a nice sharp picture, but you get the idea!

Lesson learned – make sure your blocks are all the same size, or be prepared………….


Second BOM is the one our LQS is teaching, a Marti and Me class, using templates for cutting out triangles and flying geese.  Here’s March block, just in time to take it to the next class:001

It’s call Grandfather’s Favorite Wheel, and I think I can almost see that wheel spinning.


A few more days, and my second big project should be done and ready for quilting, then I can work more on learning to use the mid-arm and getting better at that, as well as tackle a few smaller projects I have in mind.

Happy BOMs                    Blessings, Peg


  1. Fortunately for me, I love making quilts using blocks of differnt sizes. Think of it as a challange. Maybe make the remaining blocks various sizes and create an interesting way to put them together. I once made a quilt where I used four 14" squares for cornerstones in the borders. I loved the way it turned out. Maybe yours is just a happy accident...

  2. Just think of the math practice you'll get fitting it in! Now that sounds like fun.