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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Emergency Preparedness–Part 1

Emergency Preparedness Week in BC is coming up – May 6-12.  This is a week when our provincial government promotes awareness of emergency services and personal preparedness for emergencies.

A couple of days ago, I shared about the Open House that our local Emergency Social Services team hosted.  A couple of comments got me thinking – are we really and truly prepared?


What if you were away from home for a day-trip, and a mud slide or sudden snow storm blocked your way home? 

Or even if there was a major accident that stopped you on the road for several hours (this actually happened to us just south of Seattle, and with little knowledge of the area, we didn’t dare try any other routes)?

So are you prepared for an unexpected overnight stay, or even to be safe, warm, comfortable for a lengthy sit in your car?

Part of the ESS display was ‘car bags’ to address just such a situation.  Today I’m going to share with you the kinds of supplies that would be handy to have in your car…just in case:

  1. blanket, space blanket
  2. a change of clothes
  3. sturdy, warm shoes
  4. jacket, baseball cap
  5. toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hairbrush, shampoo,
  6. medicines
  7. face cloth and towel
  8. water
  9. snack bars
  10. toilet paper, disposable adult diapers (for men it’s easy, but what do women do????)
  11. garbage bag
  12. kids’ activities, keep them occupied!
  13. book, magazine
  14. first aid kit
  15. flashlight, candles, matches
  16. copy of picture id, pictures of yourself and your pets
  17. contact information of family/friends so they can be assured you’re okay
  18. somebody who can get into your house to take care of pets that are at home – and contact information for that person
  19. water and food for pets, in case they’re with you

Tomorrow, I’ll share some ideas for an evacuation bin.

Be Prepared!                  Blessings, Peg


  1. so interesting... I never think about it.... guess it is about time I do!

  2. The problem always for me is finding a way to package things so they stay clean and usable for the day that they're needed. I have trouble keeping a box of kleenex in my car from being squashed and dirty. I have always thought I should have a candle and matches because they will warm the inside of a car enough to keep one from freezing if you crap out in cold temperatures. I should check if they are still in my glove box. Another example of DH (he is Mr. Preparedness). He takes a backpack with him everywhere he goes and he has all of the above and more in it,I am sure!

  3. For someone who totally embraces the concept that Life can change in an instant, I'm terribly unprepared for anything.