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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two in One Day

That’s two quilts, taken off the frame in one day!

Not big quilts, and one was started the day before, but it feels great to get this much done.

This first is a mystery quilt, done last year with Myra from Tactile Pleasures.  It was fun making this quilt, and the quilting went really well. 046

Lots of starts and stops, working around the flange, and the flying geese.  That’s what I get for using Ricky Timm’s method for the flying geese – they’re 3D and easy to catch in the quilting foot.  But, I do like the effect.  But lesson learned – decide about quilting before using this method for flying geese.

The second is a baby quilt for a friend – the first I’ve done for somebody else.045

In order to keep the quilt soft and not stiff, I chose to use a very loose stippling, and am quite happy with the result.  Only one trouble spot on this one, and I was able to ‘hide’ the loose threads without any problem.

My adventures with Big Bertha (mid-arm quilting machine) have been great!  The next quilt is a full-size bed quilt, the last of the scrappy quilts I made last year.  So far I’ve only done stippling, and am feeling fairly confident with that – maybe time to think about learning how to do some defined patterns.

Well, now away for a weekend of camping with friends, and then off to Alberta to visit our kids there for a week or so.

Oh, almost forgot – I’ve been getting a head start on Christmas projects (I know, I know, who thinks about Christmas at this time of year??!!?), and got these two advent calendar panels sewn up:043044

But there’s so much happening this summer, and with other quilting projects on target, I had some time on my hands.

Happy sewing!             Blessings, Peg


  1. Love your mystery quilt - very pretty colours. I'm going to venture in to the LQS to try out the quilting machine on my queen size quilt. I think I want to spend the money to buy me one of those things but I need to try it out first to see. I probably won't find a second-hand one here.

  2. 2 in one day. Very good. Have fun camping and seeing your kids : )

  3. What exactly makes a mystery quilt a mystery quilt? I love the advent calendars. Oh, heck, I love all the stuff you make and post on here. Such amazing and beautiful work.

    1. A mystery quilt is one done one step at a time, only seeing the current block or step, no idea what the end result will be. I'm very fortunate that the mystery quilts that I've done have turned out well - it's hard to choose colors when you don't know where you're headed.