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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It’s a Deal!

And what a deal! 

I’ve had eyes open for one of these beauties for several months now, and it practically fell in my lap yesterday.


Our small quilt group met yesterday evening for our last gathering before summer break.  One of the gals had been at an auction, and found TWO Singer Featherweights, for a good price, willing to share with anyone interested for no profit to her!  Two of us just about jumped out of our chairs!

We tried them out – both run, not great, but a good servicing should fix that.  The cords are in good shape, so the deals were made.

I checked the Singer web-site, and this machine was apparently manufactured in 1945.

Now I just need to find a bobbin case for this one – anybody???

Happy ‘new’ machine!                 Blessings, Peg 


  1. Cool. Personally, I'd skip the bobbin and put a plant on it, but then sewing is not my forte. I see a hoya (sic?) hugging it, though.

  2. Lovely... you know I had an aunts old machine like that... I sold it about 20 years ago.....the things you sell sometimes....

  3. looks like a beaut! Lucky you - I've got to keep my eyes open wider!

  4. Peg, congratulations on the wonderful deal. As for the bobbin case, have you tried contacting the fella that runs the Singer shop on Kingsway?

  5. You can get the bobbin case from ebay - there are lots of FW supplies on ebay for very reasonable prices. Let me know if you need a package dropped off. LOL

  6. My most prized possession is my mother's old Singer treadle sewing machine which she received as a gift for her 13th birthday. It was one of the few things that came to Canada with us from Holland. Mom spent many hours on that machine with me at her elbow watching and learning. Made my first apron out of flour sacks when I was just five. I have a bobbin but sadly, just the one. There are all kinds of parts available on line. Good luck with your search and congratulations on finding such a gem!