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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Now that's a first!

Today, I read a blog, right through to the end, looked at and enjoyed all the pictures, enjoyed the tale of the task being shared, and then wanted to make a comment.  It was a great task, a wonderful tale, terrific pictures, beautiful result.
I wanted to tell the writer how much I liked the result of her hard work and artistic talent.  So I told her.  Then clicked 'publish'.  And that darn Captcha popped up - two words, right?  Wrong.  A word - or rather a bunch of letters strung together that make no sense whatsoever, and look weird to boot - and a picture.  Now what am I supposed to do with a picture?  The picture contained one number - was that maybe the 'word'?  Well, all I could do was try.  So I strung together the letters as best I could read them, all the while hoping that, in fact, they were the correct letters, pressed the space bar, then typed the number (not the word but the actual digit, and it was a single digit), and pressed 'publish' again.

Lo and behold - that was exactly what was wanted!  Hmmm.....  They could always put a picture of a single digit number, or 2 of them if that's what they want - much, much, much easier than trying to figure out what those letters really are
Have any of the rest of you ever run across a Captcha like that?

If you want to see the task, take a look here.  Didn't she do a great job?
Blessings, Peg


  1. they actually started popping up like that for me about a week ago. One thing I've figured out is that when I have too much trouble reading the words I get a new one .. sometimes the new one is easier.

  2. There are some blogs that I especially cherish, but when the captcha appears I take them off my reading list. I miss them, but those captchas ruin reading a blog. I sometimes have to try 6 or 7 times to get in and it is annoying. I think if people want to avoid spam comments they can check the posts first by moderating and having it come to their email first - if they don't like the comment just delete it - much simpler than annoying their readers. OK - off my soap box - thanks for the link to that interesting hope chest.

  3. I particularly "like" the ones where you have to drag the matching icon over to complete the picture.

  4. Hey! That's my hope chest! LOL Too cool of you to share it with your followers.