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Sunday, July 15, 2012

100th Year

In 1912, my Aunt Mary was born in Hungary, 1st child of my grandparents.
In 1926 the family, then consisting of 3 daughters, immigrated to Canada, and settled in southern Alberta.
Aunt Mary married and she and her husband commenced farming just south of Edmonton, AB and raised their family of five children there.
A few days ago, about 125 people gathered to celebrate with her as she approaches her 100th birthday (in the winter, so a summer gathering was planned).
Isn’t she gorgeous? 
Mother of 5
Grandmother of 17
Great-grandmother of 34
Great-great grandmother of 7 - Great-great-great-grandchild expected in January 2013 (will she still be with us?).

Celebrating with her, besides her own descendants, were all of her siblings96
and of course myriads of nieces and nephews from both her family and her husband’s (he passed away a number of years ago).
She’s still very bright and alert, remembers almost everybody she meets, knows birthdates of every child, grand-child, sibling, niece and nephew.  Her body doesn’t always want to cooperate any longer, and she’s wheel-chair bound, but then………she’s almost 100 years old!
What a mile stone!  So happy to have been able to celebrate this with her.                    Blessings, Peg


  1. Wow! She looks great! and with so many siblings still living. amazing. Happy Birthday Aunt Mary!

  2. Wonderful to meet Aunt Mary. God Bless and Happy Birthday!

  3. How lovely! Amazing that all her siblings are also still alive.

  4. So wish I could have been there. What an incredible woman Aunt Mary is. I remember sleeping in her feather beds out at the farm, sinking into them and feeling so safe and so warm. And her cooking! Well, Grandma taught her well, I think. My favourite memory of her is when Ali was a baby. She and Uncle Mike were staying with Eric and I and Uncle Mike gave me $10 to buy something for the baby. Later, Aunt Mary handed me $20 to buy something and when I told her that Uncle Mike had already given me the 10 she said: "The old cheapskate! I can do one better than him. You take this and get her something really special." Too funny.

    1. What treasured memories! I remember watching her make noodles from scratch, and hosting those big family dinners, and mothering everybody, and making me a Qwillow when she was a mere 88.