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A Pieceful Life


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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Big Reveal

Many months ago, I started telling you about a couple of surprise projects that were in the works.  Off and on, I’d give glimpses of the progress, but had decided not to share until the recipients had seen them.

Project # 1 (by start date) has been set aside, as changes in plans by the proposed recipients has delayed the event.

Project # 2, though has been gifted.  The recipients…….our DS1 and his fiancee.  They’re getting married in August in Nova Scotia and now that we’ve been in Alberta, we gave it to them now rather than haul it all the way across Canada and back again.

So here it is:

They read the label carefully


Opened out


We had to stand on a chair, and Parker crawled under to explore


Then laid it out on their bed



I titled the quilt ‘East Meets West’ – DS1 from BC, and DDIL (to be) from NS.  The center blocks are Hunter’s Star in BC greens (DS is a hunter).  The outer border blocks are Ocean Waves in NS blues.  Final finished size: 115x102.  Quilting was done by Linda at Quilted Cats Hideaway in Rosedale, BC with Winding Plume.  If any of you live near enough, be sure to visit Linda and Rhonda for your quilting needs!

Here’s a closeup of the quilting – a little fuzzy because we had to stand so far back to get the pictures, and I forgot to ask Grizz to get a closeup:


The top portion did not get the final (Ocean Waves) border applied on the quilt top, so the kids could have the choice to leave it open and put pillows under:


Or could fold the back out:


It was an adventure doing this up, and many thanks to my many quilter friends who helped with choosing fabrics, setting up the design, laying it out – Sherrill, Janet, Leslie, Gail, Louine, Maureen, Hermie; and the gals at Quilter’s Nook in Vanderhoof, Countryfolk in Chilliwack, and Hamel’s in Chilliwack (hope I haven’t forgotten anybody).  And, of course, thanks to Grizz for supporting the process – and then holding the quilt for me while I put the binding on – believe me, it was a bear to move through the machine by that point.

Happy happy reveal!                 Blessings, Peg


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm in awe!


  2. It looks amazing Peg! I can't believe how quickly you've created such a masterpiece.

  3. Oh Peg this is so beautiful. What a family. A real family has ups and downs and around and arounds and keep on loving and going and supporting each other. Hope all are at a serene place now. One of our grandson's class mates, an A student senior in high school took his life this past week-end. Hard lesson for kiddos. Effects the entire community.

  4. It's beautiful and looks great on the bed. Blessings

  5. It's beautiful! Where's mine? (JJ) One day... when i know how I'm going to decorate my bedroom, I'll hire you. Have to get the guest room done first. Still hoping for a mandala quilt, though.

  6. The quilt is amazing! I am sure they will treasure it always.