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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Coming into Minnesota, we’d defined the things that we wanted to see.  I wanted to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, and the guys wanted to go and eat at some Diners, Drive-ins and Dives spots.  So we planned our roads accordingly, and on the afternoon of July 16, arrived at Jackpot Junction.

Yes, it was a casino campground, but neat and tidy and relatively inexpensive – and not too far from LI Wilder Museum.  So Maureen and I left the guys behind and did our side trip.

You may recall the Little House on the Prairie TV show, based on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books about her life in Minnesota

278. LI Wilder Museum

They would have traveled in a prairie schooner such as this:


And lived in a dugout house first similar to this:


There was a model of the Little House home of the TV show, which was modeled on the descriptions in Wilder’s books:


Wilder was apparently a proficient quilter at a very young age, and there was samples of quilts old and newer throughout the displays:


This was one of the highlights of ‘my’ trip so far!

Next day we headed for a campground closer to Minneapolis, but first a stop at a German-style town, New Ulm.  Minnesota was originally settled mainly by Germans and Norwegians, so it’s only appropriate that there’s a town honoring the German heritage.  They have a Glockenspiel, that rang out while we were there:


We enjoyed some fairly authentic German-style (according to Grizz, who was born in Germany) food for lunch before getting back on the road.

Arriving at our campground, we set up then headed in for dinner at QFanatic BBQ, one of the recommended diners on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (Food Network show seen at home on Friday evenings, if you haven’t ever seen it).


We dined al fresco, and only remembered to get a picture of our dinner after we’d sampled some of the pulled pork, pulled chicken, boneless ribs, honey BBQ sauce, potato salad and coleslaw.


After dinner we strolled along the Missouri River:324


Our second day in Minneapolis, and we wanted more of DDD’s, but first a stop at Historic Ft. Snelling332.Jl 18 Ft. Snelling

where folks in period costume entertained and informed us:


We learned about bricks of tea:


and got a demonstration of how small a piece off the brick was needed to brew a pot of tea – pretty potent stuff apparently:


Our DDD destination for the day was Kramarczuk deli, where we enjoyed wonderful deli foods, and bought some extra sausages to enjoy the flavors for a few meals to come:366.Kramarczuk deli

As we left Minnesota, the St. Paul skyline bid us farewell:370

Still heading east!                  Blessings, Peg


  1. Looks like fun! We visited Laura Ingalls spots in Pepin Wisconsin, Walnut Grove, and DeSmet South Dakota...but not in Minnesota...