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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


After leaving Leduc, AB, we stopped another night in Calgary, to visit with DD and DSIL.  This was now less than a week since the birth and passing of their baby girls, and we needed to be sure that all was as good as could be expected before we headed out for our cross-country trip.  All seemed as good as could be expected, and knowing that having hovering parents wouldn’t do any of us any good, we carried on.

We had decided long before setting out on this trip that we would travel east through the US (and probably home through Canada).  Reasons for this: we’d not been in any of the states east of South Dakota, and only through one small corner of North Dakota; we wanted not to drive the same route both ways; the trip through the US is shorter, and with a deadline to meet to be in Nova Scotia for DS1’s wedding, this just made sense.  Besides that, the price of fuel in the US is quite attractive in comparison to Canada right now.

So we headed south of Calgary – destination: Belt, MT.

At a viewpoint south of Lethbridge, AB, we tried out the panorama feature on Grizz’s new camera:120,Jl 10 Panorama southern AB

The rolling hills get a little lost in photos, sad to say.

At Belt (a little east of Great Falls), we met with our friends, who are, somewhat coincidentally, traveling to Nova Scotia as well.  These friends are actually our DSIL’s parents, traveling east to have a burial service for a father, combining the need for the trip with the onset of retirement and purchase of their first travel trailer.  This scene, or similar to it, will be repeated many times over as we travel:121.Campsite Belt, MO

From Belt we headed ever east:124.Road stretches ahead of us

Surprised at hay bales so early in the year, thinking this is possibly a testament to the rains of recent months:133

Modern grain silos contrasted with the traditional:128  131

The heat was the most intense that any of us have ever experienced.  Even Sadie looked like she was melting:160.Melting  161

Miles City was our last Montana stay:166.Jl 12 Miles City, MO

Here we enjoyed an evening stroll around the historic district:174173

As we passed one saloon, a (very happy) man came out and insisted we come in to see the historic bullet hole in the leaded glass dividing wall, put there one night when the owner got drunk and began shooting up the place.  How true, we’re not sure, but there was a hole in the glass!

Onward and eastward!   Happy traveling!                Blessings, Peg