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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New York–Part II

Driving across New York state, we chose a smaller highway, much more scenic and relaxed driving than on the big interstates, so after leaving the Finger Lakes region, we inevitable came to Albany – state capital, but the skyline was nothing like Chicago or Minneapolis:523

Our drive took us right through the heart of the city, which got a little hairy at times, because it’s an old city with narrow streets – and we were pulling our trailers!  And then we saw a detour sign – and after our last experience with ignoring a detour, we thought we should follow it.  Not sure what happened, but we went around in a circle, landing where we started – fool me once……we chose to ignore the detour sign second time ‘round, and got nicely back on our peaceful country roads again. 

In the meantime, the buildings of Albany caught our attention – we felt at times like we were on a movie set of Any Street, America:527526

Settling into a campground near the border of New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, we looked forward to exploring this area.

First up – a drive to Kingston, NY – ladies to a quilt shop, gents to an airplane museum.  The quilt shop was a little disappointing actually – nothing unique to capture our attention, or inspire our creativity, and we spent most of our time window shopping through the little strip mall.  But the fellas thoroughly enjoyed the airplanes:550532.Jl 27 Rhinebeck airplane museum540542546

They said they wondered how some of them got off the ground!

On our way back ‘home’ we crossed the Rip van Winkle Bridge:567.Rip van Winkle bridge

Across the Hudson River:569

I’d like to know the history behind naming this bridge – but right now as I’m writing, internet access is not so good, so maybe another time.

Next morning M & J headed toward Boston to meet with family, but Grizz and I stayed behind for another day of exploring – next post.

Blessings, Peg


  1. If you find out why it's named that, let me know. Wikipedia didn't know. just said it was named after the story with that name. Only been to upstate New York once, about 40 years ago.

  2. The bridge is a 5041' long cantilever bridge that was opened to the public on July 2, 1935. It is named after the story Rip Van Winkle, but I can't find anything that explains why. It cost $2.4M to build - today it would cost $158.3M!