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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Plans to leave Indiana, included a stop for breakfast at a Diners, Drive-ins and Dives recommended diner (a real diner, just like in the old movies) in Goshen.  Early that morning, Grizz picked up his glasses to discover the nose piece had broken.  Okay, so now, with spare glasses in place, our stop in Goshen was going to include a side trip to an optician.

Arriving in Goshen, we discovered the diner was closed (it WAS Monday after all), and then got separated from our friends for a bit.

Once we found each other, and located an optician (closed until 10 a.m.), we settled for a Subway breakfast.  Then off to the optician – where we were fortunate to be able to purchase brand new frames at a reasonable price.

Okay, now we’re ready to head for Ohio.  Once again on a non-interstate highway, the drive was pleasant.

As we crossed into Ohio, we were keeping eyes open for any Amish influence in the area.  The only signs we saw were houses that appeared not to have any electricity running to them, with the attendant simple-roofed (versus hip-roofed) barns alongside some of them.  Maybe – maybe not – we weren’t sure.

And then we came to a road closure – with a huge detour.  Okay, so now the GPS started talking to us, continually telling us to turn and go the other way.  But we persevered, following the signs.

We came to a little town called Woodville – well worth the detour:450.House

448.Jl 23 Church in Woodville, OH


After this pleasant little side trip, the detour signs took us back to our original highway, but heading west!  We thought we wanted to head east.  Again we got separated from our traveling companions.  Thank heaven for walkie-talkies – they let us know where they were driving, and said we’d meet at the campground.

Now we were in Fremont, OH!  A nice enough small city, not too bad to drive through, and the GPS was still telling us to ‘Go West, young man’.  So we kept going.

We passed a Tim Hortons:

451.Timmy's at Fremont

and wondered if somehow we’d landed in Canada.

Still traveling a little blind, we came to Clyde – aha – this is the town of the address of the campground!  Okay, we must be on the right track and our good friend Kaaren of the GPS said to turn left.

But the sign on the road said it was closed 2 miles down.  Well, Kaaren said we were to turn again 2 miles down, so we thought we’d try following her direction.  The next sign said the road was closed at the railroad track.  What railroad track?  And how far away was this railroad track?  Well, it turned out the railroad track was just before the road we needed to turn onto, and the roadblocks just before the railroad tracks!       This on a road with no crossing roads for about a mile back.

Actually we weren’t the only fools – a car pulled up just behind us, but they could just do a 3-point turn and head back the other way.  Not so easy for us with our trailer in tow.  We backed up about 1/4 mile, with me walking to help Grizz keep straight, until we came to an entry into a farm field.  Good thing Grizz is pretty good with handling that trailer! 

We got turned around, headed back to Clyde, got some directions and in just a few minutes were at the campground.  Only about 15 minutes behind our friends.  So whatever direction they took didn’t take much less time than ours.

A pleasant evening watching eagles soar, and a good night’s sleep and we were on the road again.  As we ended our stay in Ohio, we noticed some vineyards and winery signs cropping up occasionally.   Hmmm…what interesting places lie ahead?

Blessings, Peg


  1. been to Ohio many times but never to Clyde or Woodville. Glad it was a pleasant time for you.

  2. You almost hit Kentucky. You must be having a ball. My HH would be in a tizzy by now so that is why we don't travel anymore. Be safe friends.

  3. What a cool little brick house. I've always wanted a brick house - thinking about facing Alegria in brick and giving her a castle-like look. Someday...