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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pennsylvania to New York

Leaving the northeast corner of Ohio, we traveled through the northwest corner of Pennsylvania to arrive in the southwest corner of New York.        Got that?

I kind of wanted to explore Pennsylvania more, but it just wasn’t practical on this trip.  What we did discover is that the stretch of land along Lake Erie from Ohio through Pennsylvania and into New York is                    WINE COUNTRY!

The further northward we went, the more vineyards we saw:466.

Lush and green and loaded with grapes – there was a promise of some good tasting coming up.  Once we got settled at our campsite just over the NY state border, we headed back along the road and took in a few wineries in both Pennsylvania and New York.


After dinner, we took the opportunity to check out the beach at Lake Erie (our second Great Lake stop).  It was a windy, windy day, and the waves on the lake were reminiscent of the seashore – except that the water wasn’t salty, and there were no seashells on the rocks.495482485

Leaving Lake Erie, we again started eastward.  On our journey we saw patriotism proudly displayed in many towns:503

And the buildings seemed to be older and older:463460.Old town USA464










Sadly, we also saw signs of the effects of economic downturn, like this boarded up building:

469.Economic downturn

And houses that looked like they had been wonderful homes at one time, falling into ruin.

As I write this, I’ve (at last) caught up to myself.  We are parked on the edge of Otisco Lake, the eastern-most lake of the Finger Lakes.  The country-side here has been rolling hills of farming land:508

And the road has been like a very gentle roller-coaster – the kind I might actually like to ride.  The skies are blue, the clouds are fluffy, the weather not nearly as hot as through the mid-west states, and the lake here is almost like glass.


I’ll continue New York in my next post.   Blessings, Peg


  1. Nothing can beat riding a gentle roller coaster with the one you love. So loved getting to visit that area with you. Safe journey.

  2. I've heard there are wineries in every state in the US. my uncle has one in Maryland. after 20+ years he produces some pretty good wine.

  3. Did you buy any good wine while you were there?