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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Plans Change

We planned and arranged and packed and arranged and researched and arranged and planned some more – all to go to Nova Scotia from British Columbia so we could celebrate with our DS1 as he weds his lady love.

In the meantime, we got invitations – to a 50th birthday celebration with a sister in northern BC, then to a 100th birth year (birthday is in the winter, so a summer date was chosen)  celebration with an aunt in Alberta.  Okay, so these were added to the itinerary.

With green light from the doctors (Grizz’s stress test was normal) and the vet (Sadie had cysts removed from her back just a week before); travel insurance purchased; cable, internet and phone on hold; quilt projects up to date; cat-sitter arranged; house in good hands; special deliveries tucked safely in; trailer and truck loaded up – we were ready to go.

We left the lush rain forests of the Fraser Valley, traveled through the semi-arid region of the south Cariboo, and arrived in the scrub pines of the mid Cariboo.    We found a nice little campground to spend our first night – and crashed!  I think we were both asleep by 9:00.

The only thing we really noticed about the area around this first campground was the lovely wild roses in bloom.  How I wish I could share the scent with you all!


Second day on the road, we arrived in the Nechako-Bulkley Valley area on the northern-most east-west highway of BC.  We stayed in Vanderhoof – the geographic center of BC.

This was when our plans changed.  Before we left home, we knew that our DD had been ordered on bed rest because of a threat of imminent delivery of the babies (see my previous post about this).  Talking to DD that night, she said she was not even to be driving, and would like help with getting to appointments the following week.

So we spent a day visiting our family in the area, to head east to Alberta on Saturday, June 30.  This meant we would be skipping my sister’s birthday party, but we were more than happy to be able to help.  And so……plans changed.


  1. How far along is DD? We'll be praying all goes well as she awaits delivery and that those babies will stay in their safe little space until they can be safely delivered.
    All the best to you in your travels.

  2. Well, you missed a great party! Pirates galore! But you went where you needed to be and it was awesome getting to visit with you both even for just a short while. Have a fabulous trip east. Miss you lots and love you more!