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A Pieceful Life


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Monday, July 23, 2012


Heading from Minnesota into Wisconsin, the first thing that struck us was the names of the county roads:

372371.Alphabet roads

Alphabetized, instead of numbered – we thought it might be unique to one county, but continued to see the same as we traveled through the state.

Near the small town of Shawano, we came across this country church with the most beautiful stained glass windows:376


And then a glorious display of sunflowers in bloom:383

Because Wisconsin is dairy country, we just had to visit a cheese factory – or what we thought would be one.   When we arrived, it was merely a store, but with a great variety of cheeses – so we got some curds, Provolone, Swiss and Limburger cheese.  But despite not getting a demonstration of cheese-making, we did learn some interesting facts:

  • Wisconsin is the home to the only North American producer of Limburger cheese (Mason, WI)
  • About 85% of milk produced in Wisconsin is made into cheese
  • It takes about 10 lb of milk to make 1 lb of cheese
  • A gallon (American) of milk weighs about 8.5 lb

We’ll be enjoying the tastes of Wisconsin for days to come!

While driving through the countryside, we were treated to barn quilts – 8x8 foot boards painted to represent quilt blocks, posted on barns.  Here are a few that we saw:388389387.Jl 20 Quilt barns

Keeping on our easterly direction, we came to Green Bay, where, despite this being cattle country, there were horse statues on several street corners:

393(pardon the fuzz – taken through the window of a moving car)

And then we reach Kewaunee – and got our first glimpse of Lake Michigan, where we spent a pleasant hour enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, watching birds and boats and butterflies:399405412419421422.Butterfly


Driving through Milwaukee – we saw several spires and domes:429                  427.Spires in Milwaukee428

And we were almost out of Wisconsin.        Blessings, Peg


  1. We saw a bunch of barn quilts in California around Clear Lake. they're very cool. I forgot to take pictures though. Do you suppose they mean something? I'll be in Milwaukee in a couple of weeks driving from there to Michigan's UP. A newly planned "vacation".

  2. Barn quilts, eh? Hmmm.... Maybe we should start a house quilt fad!