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Thursday, August 2, 2012


It was raining as we left our campground in eastern New York to head for New England, and the rain stayed with us alllllll day!  So pictures were often taken through a rain-spattered window.

Within minutes we were in Massachusetts, once again choosing to stay on lesser highways for most of the day.  As we approached towns and cities along the way, there were signs that stated the year of incorporation.  The oldest one we noted was 1760 – more than 250 years old, before the American Revolution, before Independence, before the US was the US.  Oh, if only those buildings could talk!

It seemed to us that the older the towns, the more spires were to be seen on the buildings.  This one really caught our eye, with its intricate design-work:



The old and the new mingle amazingly well, with many old buildings used for modern purposes, and also many new buildings set right along-side the old ones.

And then we went around a corner and saw:

Yankee Candle Village

Surely you’ve heard of Yankee Candles – well, the company has made a little village of stores, all in one building.  It’s huge!  In the center, of course, the Candle Emporium:653

There’s a General Store, a Bakery, a Cafeteria, a Card Shop, a Specialty Foods Store, a Home Décor Store, a Candy Shop, a Christmas Store and……….Santa’s Workshop:656

The Kitchen Store had almost everything one could want, including a real kitchen, presumably for demos and classes:657

Heaven for Grizz!!!


Leaving Massachusetts behind, we crossed into Vermont, following the Connecticut River, which looked like a lovely lazy river for summer swimming and paddling:661660

After a while, we decided we needed to make some time, so headed over to the interstate, which was, as we suspected it would be, kind of boring driving.  We did come across a rest stop with a gorgeous view:662.Viewpoint panorama

And so ended our travels through these 2 states.  Two more New England states coming up!                 Blessings, Peg

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  1. Ooohhh, candles! I love candles, but they are a huge risk to light with Oliver around. He's nearly set himself on fire a couple of times. I will have to invest in some hurricane lamps, maybe. Did you drive over (through) any covered bridges? You are in Icabod Crane territory here, aren't you?