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Monday, August 20, 2012

New Brunswick–2nd Time Around

Leaving Nova Scotia, there’s really no way to go anywhere, except through New Brunswick.  Unless time and funds allow for a visit to Newfoundland-Labrador and a drive through Quebec, which wasn’t an option for us.  So we headed for NB, choosing a different path than the one on which we entered.

Our first night in NB was near Fredericton, where we planned on taking in some history.  The Village of Gagetown (which we learned is NOT the military base) is a charming little village with several artisan shops.  Here we found a memorial743.Memorial

It appears that, in 1953, the community was expropriated for Base Gagetown (now 35 km away) and folks were forced to move.  I’ll not make any comment, except to wonder how those people fared with their new lives.

The courthouse was built in 1936, and functioned without change to the layout until the 1960’s.  It’s now a museum:Courtroom

Apparently the Witness Stand was called such because witnesses had to stand – not enough room for a chair!

The Information Center is situated in another museum house that was the birthplace of Samuel Tilley, one of our Fathers of Confederation:

750.Tilley house



I just love visiting old houses, even though in reality one sees much the same thing in each one.  But I did have to take a picture of this loom – for my nieces who do their own weaving:753


Next day – a trip in to Fredericton itself to take in the Historic Garrison District.  Right on the St. John River, it’s easy to see why the military chose this area for their base.

781.Officer's Square This old barracks is now an arts college, with artisan shops just for tourists like us

Now City Hall
771.Garrison District
774.Barracks Square

We watched some young people/actors play a game of toss – looked like a tube-sock with a ball in it

We saw a Changing of the Guard, complete with inspection:765.Au 15 Changing of the Guard767

After lunch, we drove out to Minto, where there had been an internment camp during WWII, and there’s a museum commemorating this part of our history.  We were pleased to learn that the camp was humane and very few lost their lives here.  But it is a sad statement that many were interred without really knowing why.

This mural depicts the lifestyle of the ‘prisoners’.  Many of them had skills that were used for some earning, but payment was minimal.
790.Internment Camp Museum, Minto

This is a typical bunkhouse area:



After our stay near Fredericton, we headed north-east to the Acadian coast.  We’d visited here on our last trip, and enjoyed a tour through an Acadian Village.  This time, it appeared that we were a day late for National Acadian Day, Aug 15.  The Acadians even had their telephone poles painted to depict their flag:

794.Au 16 Acadian deco

We could only imagine the festivities!

For our last night in NB, we settled in at Inch Arran Campground at Dalhousie.  We were right next to the water, just a few feet of walk-way and picnic area between us and the beach – but no obstruction to our view.  We enjoyed a walk on the beach, and a visit to a historic lighthouse, watched the cormorants at play and the tugboats at work.796810805806802807

The end of the Maritimes for us – on to La Belle Province next!

Blessings, Peg


  1. Beautiful photos. Someday I'll get there.....

  2. Thanks for sharing this post, I visited Nova Scotia briefly once and would love to return. That's interesting that your nieces have their own loom. Sounds like fun!

  3. Bizz would love that loom! And what grand old buildings. They are fun to explore,aren't they?