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Friday, August 10, 2012

Nova Scotia

The main reason for our trip across country – to be here in Antigonish when our DS1 married his lovely bride.  We arrived in the area a week before the wedding – time to do some exploring of our own, time to help with some wedding preparation, time to celebrate with our kids and the new friends-in-law, time to share with our friends as they said a final farewell to their father.

This post will concentrate on some of our exploring.

We settled in a campground about 30 minutes from Antigonish (slide over the first three syllables, accent on ‘gish’), right beside the ocean.  We watched the sun set from the beach:823.Evening at HyClass cpgd

And woke up to glorious sunshine, and this view across the water:

829.Au 5 Morning view








We set out first morning to just drive around the area831

Such pretty sights!

Bridal shower in the afternoon – that’ll be another post.

Next morning, we headed to Halifax.  Our traveling companions, M & J, were there to bury their father in the family plot.  Their father had lived a long and productive life, passed away 1 1/2 years ago, and they planned their cross-country trip to include this service to honor their father’s wishes.

After the service, Grizz and I headed to the Halifax Harbor, where it turned out there was a Busker Festival happening.  Some interesting entertainment going on, most of which we couldn’t see because of the crowds, but the general air of happiness made it a great place to be.  There was a naval ship in the harbor, with opportunity to tour (which we passed on due to the line-ups)857858

We ate fish and chips (what else?) from one of the booths.  And just wandered taking in the sights and sounds.  It was just like being at a fair!

From the dock, we walked up a couple of blocks to see some of the historic buildings nearby.  We saw Province House (seat of NS government)


and the Halifax Club:870

We wondered what was the significance, if any, of the wedding dress hanging in an upper window:871

Because of the dress, and because we were just curious, I googled the Halifax Club – here’s what I read:

The Halifax Club was established in 1862 to provide a friendly, professional and private retreat for the exclusive pleasure of members and their guests. The Club thrives in its tradition to serve as an important meeting place for business-minded men and women. It is a place where they can meet, toast the day's successes, dine or simply relax in a warm atmosphere of history and tradition.

And, according to the web-site, they have a wedding planner – thus the dress hanging in the window!


This mural caught our eye – it looked so real:872.Mural


And the original Alexander Keith’s brewery – now attached to a modern hotel:874

Driving ‘home’ we chose to follow what we thought would be shore line, but we saw very little of the water.  Throughout this trip, I’ve been captivated by many, many churches – and taken many, many pictures.  I think there may be a quilt theme in the future!

A day of wedding business, and vehicle maintenance, also afforded a few minutes in a quilt shop – quilt shopping on this trip will be covered in a separate post.

Then a day to explore Cape Breton Island – next post!

Blessings, Peg


  1. That mural is fantastic! Have a great time at the wedding tomorrow. Hugs and love to you all!

  2. lovely sunset. I always have trouble with those pictures. When is DS1 getting married?