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Saturday, August 11, 2012

NS II–Cape Breton Island

Ever have one of those scary moments, that make you totally panic and unable to even think?  Well we started our day with one of those – and is the reason we didn’t see as much of CBI as we would have liked.

Getting ready to head out, facing at least a 6-hour drive (not including stops), we discovered Grizz’s wallet was missing!  Oh, man, where could it possibly be?  We managed to  get our heads together enough to think where we’d been the day before and where it had been used last – at the car dealer where we paid for our oil change.  Okay, must have been dropped there.  A phone call later – no wallet.  Now what do we do?  Do we proceed to try to remember what was in it, who needs to be notified – and how do we get a driver’s license when we’re on the other side of the country?  Because I’m for sure not driving that truck with the trailer behind it!!! 

But wait, maybe it was put down somewhere when we were at the in-laws the evening before.  No, surely not, Grizz wouldn’t have taken his wallet out of his pocket at a stranger’s (well, relative stranger – little play on words there).  It was only 8 a.m., and not sure that anybody would be up and about quite that early, we chose not to phone, but to get in the truck and drive (sans license) to check it out.  By the time we got there, a few people were up, we walked in and told them about the missing wallet and C says ‘could it be that one there on the mantle, beside the keys?’   Sure enough, Grizz had taken his keys and wallet out of his pocket, plunked them down at the first convenient spot, then forgot all about them – and took the extra truck keys out of my purse when we headed ‘home’ not twigging that his wallet wasn’t in the way.   Oh, well, at least we didn’t have to phone banks and credit card companies and travel insurance companies and BCAA and DMV in BC and…………

So, we were about 1 1/2 hours later than originally planned in heading out for our days’ trip.

On to Cape Breton Island.

Part of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton is a separate island, connected by a short causeway – but often spoken of as if it were a separate entity all unto itself.  Interestingly our DIL (well she will be tomorrow) tells us that the school district takes in most of CBI as well as the area around Antigonish which is just about a half hour from the causeway.  That kind of tells you the population.

Sidney and North Sidney are on the eastern-most tip of CBI – we’d not been there on our last trip to the east coast, and we didn’t make it again on this trip.

As I said before our departure was delayed – and our plan to drive around the whole Cabot Trail (about 600 km) changed, when we found it was 12:30 and we were only 1/4 of the way along.

But it was a pretty drive along the ocean:PicMonkey Collage

We passed through Mabou (accent on the first syllable apparently) which is the home of the Rankins.  There was a nice little quilt shop there, worthy of a short stop.

And then on to Cheticamp.  It was like crossing into another country.  The signs, mostly, were in French - with no English interpretation.  This area was apparently an original Acadian settlement, and it appears that most people have clung to that heritage and language. 


Along the road here, we saw several mannequins – the sign on some of them appeared to indicate a musical event of some kind911          910

and the Acadian flag told us it must have something to do with their heritage, but we had other goals in mind for the day.



The main goal of visiting CBI was to go to Iona and visit the grave sites of some of my ancestors.  We had lunch on a lovely patio with a bit of an ocean view, in between the buildings


then looked at the map and saw several hours of driving to get to Iona if we went around the cape, so decided to take a short cut across the mountains.

At Little Narrows, we caught a cable ferry:918.Ferry to Iona

and so arrived at Iona after another 20 minutes, or so, drive.

There’s not much at Iona – a few houses, a hotel, a school, and a Highland Village.  The hotel tells us this is a popular place to visit.  The school tells us that it is a ‘center’.  Not sure where people do their shopping, because we saw nothing but a little convenience store just off the ferry (you can see it on the right side of the picture above).

The cemetery crawl, I’ll cover in another post, but we did discover a veteran’s memorial nearby, that is new since our last visit.921.Veteran's memorial

And were pleased to see that my great-uncle Malcolm J. Mackinnon is included among those who served.  Pleased because when I tried to obtain military records, I was told he had none.  Pleased to be able to go home and share this with my mother.922

The view from the cemetery hill was lovely – and a wonderful choice for a resting place for loved ones.920.View from cemetery

So ended our visit to Cape Breton Island – and we headed back for a quiet evening at our trailer. 

Wedding coming in just 3 days!                 Blessings, Peg


  1. oh that is a heart stopping moment! So glad that it was resolved so easily, compared to what it could have been. Cape Breton is lovely, isn't it? My father grew up in North Sydney, and we have property just outside Baddeck, I visit as often as I can. I hope the big day is smooth and wonderful, and heart stopping in good ways!

  2. I can hardly wait for the cemetery crawls! So excited. I had a scary moment this morning myself. I'll be blogging about it shortly. My heart is still pounding and my stomach is still in a huge knot over it. Happy wedding day!

  3. Three days to the wedding!! How very exciting.
    So glad you found the wallet -- thank goodness it wasn't stolen!