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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Last time we came through Ontario, we drove along Lake Superior and Huron to Niagara Falls, and then east along Lake Ontario and the St. Laurence – coming back we headed through Ottawa.  This time around, we had decided we wanted to spend some time exploring the Niagara Peninsula, south-western Ontario, Mennonite country.

Thus, leaving Quebec City, we headed straight along the Trans-Canada highway.  Kaaren of the GPS took us on a little bit of a skirt around Montreal – thank heaven for Kaaren.  Nine years ago, we made a wrong turn, and as I struggled with a map trying to find where we were and where we should go, Grizz dealt with narrow streets and construction.  This time – easy peasy.

We just simply admired Montreal from a distance01.Montreal skyline

I must say, though, for the most part, driving the major highways is just simply BOOOORING!  It’s so much more interesting to go through little towns, even though that slows down progress.

But we arrived at Prescott, ON to be situated right on the St. Laurence, looking at a bridge crossing into NY state:05

Which was beautifully lit up at night:62.Night across the St. Laurence

Because we took the fast route, we had enough time to visit Ft. Wellington, site of a British stronghold during the War of 1812 and again during the Rebellion of 1837-8.

Wooden pickets outside earthen walls fortified the structures and people inside:


06.Ft. Wellington








Inside we found the usual officer’s quarters, and a block house that housed soldiers as well as storage and vantage points for fending off attackers:


The costumed guides were cooking a delicious meal of pork in wine sauce with bread, as well as a vegetable soup:1516.Veg stew

The latrine divided officers from soldiers from women and children (officers’ door is set apart on the left, women and children used the center door:


This quilt was preserved carefully behind glass:42








We drove around the town of Prescott and found this inn from 1832:


As well as the barracks/hospital built in 1810:


We stopped at the site of the Battle of the Windmill, fought in 1837 at this windmill-turned-lighthouse:


Our forbears, led by William Lyon MacKenzie, fought valiantly for reform of Canadian government and a democratic society – they lost the battle, but won the war (at least we’re told they are the reason we have the type of government we have today).

As I write this, we’re in Waterloo, ON – plans to visit the famous St. Jacobs Markets and take in a production of the Stratford Festival.  I’ll cover all of that in a separate post.

I see that I’m approaching 500 posts, which will happen weeks before we get home, if I keep posting regularly.  I also note that I have 99 followers.  Actually I’ve reached the 100 mark a couple of times through this trip, but those folks appeared to be advertising commercial services and web-sites, so I chose to block them.    But, if I reach the 500 mark, and have 100 followers (official – I know there are those out there who follow this blog but have not ‘joined’ for reasons of their own) by the time I get home, I’ll look at a celebration give-away, maybe with some fabrics purchased on this trip.

So keep reading, keep following, join if you haven’t already (and want to) and keep your eyes open for the give-away.

Oh, and to all my blogger pals out there – I’m still reading your blogs as time allows, but not often commenting.  Between driving, sight-seeing, some regular house-keeping type stuff, managing the hundreds of pictures, keeping track of expenses, posting my own blogs, and keeping in touch with our kids and family back home…….well, you get the picture – reading blogs and commenting has taken a bit of a back seat, and is often done late evening when I’m too tired, and lazy, to make the effort to comment.  But, I’ve not forgotten you all.

Blessings, Peg

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  1. That Inn is so cool! What a pretty building! Too bad they had to add the tacky awning over the entrance... Can't imagine having to cook like that. The pot's too big for KD and wieners, anyway. I'll stick to my trusty electric range, I think.