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Sunday, August 26, 2012

St. Jacobs Market and The Stratford Festival

Visiting the market at St. Jacobs, ON was a major goal for this trip, and we are so very happy that we came.  This is an amazing market!

Aisle after aisle of outdoor booths and fast food, with two large buildings repeating the theme.  Honestly, a person almost doesn’t have to go anywhere else to shop – and not just for produce.  Here you can buy everything from fruits and vegetables to breads and pastries to sausages to cheeses to table linens to shoes to dog bones to painted glass to rock art to dresses to shoes to jewelry to kitchen wares to CDs to quilts to maple syrup to home preserves to fudge:Market collage

Lunch – well, take your pick.  We chose a sausage that was proclaimed to be made by trolls.  The young lady selling doesn’t look like a troll to me:26

After the market, we went into St. Jacobs village and wandered through dress shops and artisans’ shops and a couple of quilt shops.  Just when we thought the only horse-drawn buggy (after all this IS Mennonite/Amish country) we would see would be the one on this mural:


They started traveling around (probably after the end of their day at the market):

Horse collage

A full day, and more to see and do in this part of Ontario.  We took Sadie to a kennel in the morning, and headed for Stratford, home of the world-famous Stratford Festival.  Some 60 years ago, a man decided his home town needed a boost, and performances of Shakespeare plays would fit the bill.  Now the town has 4 theatres, and performances of Shakespeare, traditional and modern musicals are produced every year. 

We chose to see a production of ‘42nd Street’, a remake of a 1950’s film that depicts the struggles of a stage production during the Depression years.  We enjoyed it thoroughly, as did the rest of the audience if the standing ovation was any indication.

The Festival Theatre is an outstanding building, situated in a park-like setting.



Inside, there were pictures of some of the behind-the-scenes departments that go into stage productions like this.19      18

Across the street, a park set around a lake, perfect for an after-theatre stroll to stretch the legs.


While we were in Stratford, we visited a ‘You Have Got to Eat Here’ diner – Boomers Gourmet Fries.  And really, folks, you have got to eat here.  Just a wee diner, with fries of almost every description on their menu (written on a blackboard) and some of the most innovative hamburger, hot dog, and poutine combinations that we’ve ever seen.

27.Boomer's Fries  30







Grizz had goat cheese and gravy poutine.  I had a dog-scetta – hot dog with bruschetta veggies and goat cheese.  Yummy!


And there’s more to see yet in south-western Ontario.  We’ll head out next day to explore the country-side.  More to come!  Blessings, Peg


  1. That sounds like a wonderful part of the trip. If I should ever be traveling in that part of the world I will have to ask you for advice on where to go and what to see. I will never remember all of this.

  2. Ohhh looks so interesting! We sold our house and were going to do a cross Canada trip...but low and behold, hubby got a contract and he's working in Edmonton for a year and a bit... We do want to check out the Amish area in Ontario...have seen Lancaster County... Have a wonderful holiday!!

  3. And another thing on my bucket list: the Stratford Festival... What a gorgeous park.

  4. I love this part of Ontario. Have been to Mennonite country only once or twice but enjoyed it every time. However I've never been to Stratford. It's on my list now!

  5. Peg - I just read through all your trip blogs and am so envious! Also impressed with the way you are keeping up sharing your travels. We've been to the east coast of Canada but not of the US and are looking forward to doing that sometime. I'll have to check back to these posts to be sure not to miss some of the great things you've experienced. Happy and safe traveling!