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Friday, August 17, 2012

Wedding Memories

At last, a chance to sit down and share the wedding with you all. 

I’ve said it before (elsewhere) and I’ll say it again…..It was a FABULOUS day – well, week actually.  In between doing some exploring of Nova Scotia there was pre-wedding celebrations and gatherings, and some prep stuff to do before the big day.

Wedding shower – the bride was treated to some wedding night attire:06

As was the groom:0912








Made for some big laughs when the guys got a look at these:14


The rehearsal was fun4041With the bride’s father needing a little direction re which side of the church he belonged

Dinner after was scrumptious lobster (what else when you’re in the Maritimes) with salads and lots more fun:59Lobster on ice


See the boxes at the back – lobster on ice!55

And then the day dawned – not as bright and hot as the day before, but the smiles and joy lit up everybody’s faces. 

The church building is about 150 years old, and a beautiful setting:1723

A Celtic setting requires Celtic dress:65

The bride arrived a little late – not HER fault, she said:75

(I had my SIL video the ceremony with my camera, and it’s too large to download – have struggled with trying to edit and just not having any success.  Pics from FB can’t be copied, at least I haven’t discovered how to do that.) 

Some photos after:Wedding collage

And the reception – well, we ate and toasted and danced and played and laughed and kissed (the happy couple would only kiss if somebody stood and kissed first; there were lots of willing teachers)………….Reception collage

Before the honeymoon could start, some of us joined with the newlyweds to share in gift opening:214

And so ended wedding week.  As I said before, it was FABULOUS!

Blessings, Peg


  1. What lovely pictures. JUST going out to a wedding myself in 10 minutes - these have really got me in the right mood!

    blessings xx

  2. I'll give you a tutorial on how to steal pictures from FB! It's really quite easy! Looks like everything went swimmingly. Joel looks so handsome in his kilt - very nice touch. This must mean you are on the road again - heading home now? So enjoy following you two around the country side like this.