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Monday, September 24, 2012

Waterton Lakes

First a disclaimer – we are not now at Waterton Lakes, actually we were there Sept. 17-19.  Now we are in BC, one night camping with Sis-in-law and Bro-in-law, then one night with my parents, then home.  In between we’ve been in southern Alberta, visiting kids and one last wedding celebration, and when internet access wasn’t limited, there wasn’t time to keep up with blogging.  This and the next few posts will be kind of a wrap-up of our trip.

We came into Canada and straight to one of our National Parks.  Waterton Lakes has been a protected area since 1895 thanks to the efforts of local ranchers, and since 1932 has been part of the Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park, the world’s first.

Almost the first thing you see, and is seen at almost every turn, is the Prince of Wales Hotel,built in 1926:


From our campground, with no zoom on the lens, this is the hotel:034

Can you see that tiny little bright spot just above the building in the center, to the left of the lone tree?

Well, we were gazing around and about with the binoculars and spotted some activity on the roof of the hotel, so we zoomed in with the camera as far as it would go:



And then zoomed it again on the computer.  We had to wonder what those folks were doing up there, and if we could go there too!


Around and about the park, we admired the mountains, lakes,  canyons and prairie:


It was a quiet couple of days, and we appreciated the opportunity to wind down a bit.

Happy relaxation!             Blessings, Peg


  1. Waterton is beautiful. Have only been there once camping and once driving thru when the kids where little. Would love to stay in the Prince of Wales...there is something about those hotels I just love!!

  2. Glad to hear that you have finally arrived safe and sound in your home province. Thank you for a wonderful travelogue. I have enjoyed it immensley.

  3. So did you go up there? Looks like it would offer a great view! Is the Hotel haunted? Don't know why I asked that; it just looks like it should be.