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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back At It

So, you may wonder, what HAS she been doing for the last three weeks, since getting home from vacation!  Sometimes I wonder that myself.

Well, the trailer and truck are all cleaned out, winterized, stored away.  All the ‘stuff’ from the trailer is sorted, cleaned, put back where it belongs.  In doing that, a couple of cupboards and drawers got some tidying out done, including the cupboard where all my fabrics are stored.  The yard got a fall clean-up, except for the grapevines which are still going strong.  The dog and the van both got a trip to their respective doctors – quick and easy fixes – and the fridge doctor paid a house visit – another quick and easy fix.  Got together with my quilting buddies and got caught up on all the news.  Thanksgiving dinner, times two, once at home and once elsewhere.  Got my sewing machine back after sending it out for servicing while we were away.  Dug through the project trunk, and discovered all the PHD’s waiting.  Started some wine.  Took in a Vinyl Café live show.  Sorted through all the pictures from the trip – still more work to do there.  Started a daily walk to add to my exercise routine.

Whew – I really have been doing things!

It took a week or so, but Betsy began to hum eventually, and humming she is after the servicing after all the hard work she did in the spring and it took no time before I was hooked again, and now am sewing for part of every day.

And here’s the results:

First this little bag – from the ‘book’ fabric that I picked up on our travels.  Just big enough to hold a CD player and audiobook jewel, with a strap long enough to put over my shoulder – and I’m entertained while walking (remember the daily walk I added to my exercise routine):



Then this flimsy – the Quilting Canadians’ BOM for this year.  Only nine blocks used,  but it’s a nice 36” table topper.  It will be a thank you gift when it’s done:


Sorry, it’s so fuzzy!

And then, I’ve been working on the promised give-away.  Almost ready!

Happy sewing!                  Blessings, Peg


  1. Flimsy is looking great. Love the bag. I need to get back into an excersize routine too. Will get plenty of that at our Guild's show this weekend. I'm acting as a docent.

  2. just love the bag. How cute. what pattern did you use?