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Saturday, November 3, 2012

What’s a Girl to Do?

Lately I’ve been receiving fairly regular email messages, that state ‘Anonymous’ has left a comment.  This is because all comments have to be approved before I’ll let them publish.

These messages are ‘no-reply’, there is no comment on the post, usually they say something like ‘I like your blog’ – and if I follow the link I get a foreign web-site or a retail-type site. 

I report the ‘spam’ (but I’m not so sure that Google does anything more than just simply permanently delete the message).

Sometimes, the message will state the sender is following my blog, but that turns out not to be true.

When I started out to write this post, I was considering adding word-verification to comments on my blog, despite my feelings about those silly little words and pictures that I run into on other blogs when I’m the commenter.  Then I decided to check my settings just to see what they were (getting old and can’t remember things for more than 5 minutes) and to see what the options might be.

One of my concerns was those folks who I know read my blog, but don’t have a blog or a G-mail account in order to be a follower.  I don’t want to disallow their ability to comment.  At the same time, those ‘robots’ who are apparently commenting need to be stopped!

Evil Spamming Robots

Well, I discovered that I can limit commenters (which I knew and actually thought I had done) to those who are ‘registered’.  I’m not 100% sure what that means, but I’m going to try it and see if it helps.  There are not often comments from ‘anonymous’ readers who are actually known to me, just don’t have a blog or Google account.  So if you are a reader, but not a ‘follower’, sorry if I’ve excluded you from commenting, but I do need to protect my computer from viruses that may attack through these web-sites.

If you really need to reach me about something on my blog, you can always send an email through My Profile.

Keep the comments coming – I love hearing from all of you!   

Blessings, Peg


  1. Hi Peg. I mark them as spam. I haven't tried to follow the back to the origin because I'm afraid of a virus. It's mostly foreign writing and I don't even click. It gets deleted immediately. Hope it stops for you and me too ; )

  2. Sensible to do that. The robot things are so annoying.

  3. "Anonymous" seems to be visiting a lot of blogs and leaving "drivell" behind. You're right "No Reply" who is in kahoots should be stopped.

  4. That must be something that happens when you have a lot of followers. One thing I did recently was to change my password on my google account. It seemed to help.

  5. I have been getting lots of junk comments as well and it is very annoying. I do not click on any of them because I am afraid my computer will get a virus from visiting them. I am with you on the word verification - I really don't want to make it a requirement. There are lots of visitors to my blog that are not followers and some do leave legitimate anonymous comments.

  6. It's nice that people comment on your posts. Hardly anyone ever comments on mine. Which is fine. Have you checked your stats? I found a few suspicious accesses to my blogs through sites that are... well dubious. I was able to block them, but I can't remember how I did that.

  7. Does Blogger not have a plugin you can add that will filter robots? I added Sweet Captcha to my Wordpress blog and those annoying emails stopped immediately.