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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mag # 149–Do You See Me?

A couple of years ago, Magpie Tales started weekly prompts for writers.  For a while, I wrote regularly on another blog, then was interrupted by a vacation or something, and somehow just never got back into the swing.  But I really did enjoy coming up with short stories now and again, so have decided to try it out once more.  Magpie Tales, now calls itself The Mag, and this week’s prompt:

Follow this link to enjoy other submissions.  And here’s what I came up with:


As she picked up the ashtray, her lips compressed into a thin straight line with her disapproval.  It was all she could do not to pinch her nose to shut out the smell.

But that would never do, not with everybody around.

It was another celebration, another milestone for the company, another conquest for her husband.  She had no idea what this one was about, really didn’t care.  These occasions had come regularly over the years, more and more frequently, now happening several times a year. 

And always, ever, at their house.  Why, oh, why had she made that offer to host that very first celebration?  The partners, and their wives, most of whom had some relationship to the company, just simply accepted that first offer and then ever after assumed that it was her pleasure, her contribution, her responsibility….to plan, to clean, to shop, to prep, to decorate, to bake, to cook, to smile, to chat, to serve, to entertain, and to clean up their mess.

And they all smoked, well, almost all.

And it never seemed to occur to any of them that smoking, and their second-hand smoke, would be offensive, or even just unpleasant to somebody else.

And they certainly never, ever picked up and emptied an overflowing ashtray – that could spill over onto the furniture and floor.  Nooooo, that wasn’t necessary.  Besides, what was she there for, but to clean up after them?

Was she good for anything else?  Married young, stayed at home with the children, volunteered at their schools, sang in the church choir, and hosted dinners and celebrations as her husband’s company grew and prospered.  She had only a high school education, only ever worked at odd jobs during high school, had no talents to speak of, was short and dumpy, mousey haired, practically invisible in this crowd of talented, intelligent professionals.  She wasn’t even sure if any of them knew her name.

Opening the door to the kitchen, she gazed around in dismay at the pots and pans stacked beside the stove, the dishes piled up near the dishwasher, the left-overs drying out on the counter, the spills and drips from cooking and serving hardening everywhere.  Oh, well, might as well just get on with it.  Nobody would miss her out there anyway, she didn’t have anything to add to their conversations about the world and politics, wars and finance, business and education.

As she loaded the dishwasher, stored away food, scrubbed pots and pans, tidied, wiped, swept, she longed for the evening to end so she could just curl up with a book, or better yet get back to her sewing room, tucked away upstairs with door closed so no smoking odors could affect the fabrics. 

Most of her days, when not arranging one of these parties, were spent sewing – quilting actually.  She’d discovered, when the children were young, that her sewing room and quilting were a haven from the busyness of life.  Now that the children were grown and gone, she made quilts on request for friends and family, and the projects were piled up.  She’d often thought how nice it would be to have a proper work-room, a place to run a quilting shop, selling fabrics, making quilts for customers, running classes and retreats for others to develop their quilting talents.

Just as she put the broom away, she heard her husband call her from the living room.  Oh, people must be getting ready to leave.  She put a smile on her face (easy to do now that she knew the party was coming to a close), and walked through the dining room.

Entering the living room, she saw the whole crowd gathered together in a bunch, no one making a move to put coats on.  Oh, they must be wanting to toast whatever their most recent accomplishment was, they’d need more wine, and she started to turn to go back to get some.

But her husband said, ‘Wait, where are you going?’  As she turned back, they all raised filled glasses and cried out, as one, ‘To Linda’! 

Her husband then came over to her, put his arms around her, and said, ‘I love you, Linda.’ 

The crowd parted, and on the credenza at the far side of the room sat a brand new top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art sewing machine, the one she’d been dreaming of for months.  She stood totally dumb-struck, and one of the wives stepped forward and said, ‘For you, Linda, only the best for the best.  This evening was in celebration of you, your generosity and hard work in hosting these parties, your patience with us as we concentrated on building our careers, your support over the years of this growing business, your putting your own desires and talents and career on the back burner.  Now it’s your turn.  Our latest acquisition is actually a shop down-town, where you can set up your quilting business.  We’ll be your financial backers, we’ll support the technical aspects, but it’s your show.  And we really didn’t want to leave you to do the clean-up, but we needed time to sneak in and unpack this beauty.   To Linda!’

‘To Linda,’ the rest all chorused.

‘Oh, and honey, this is the last party you’ll host,’ her husband added.  ‘Now that you’re a business woman, you’ll not have the time, so we’ll be planning our, and your, celebrations in the future at a restaurant.’

Linda just let the tears run.  There was nothing she could say.  They did know her name, who she was, what she loved.

It Was a White Christmas

which renewed my belief in miracles!  We almost couldn’t believe it when we saw the snow falling, yet again, as our children left to visit their other family.  There wasn’t a lot of snow, just enough to cover the grass (mostly), and make the streets a little slick in the early hours of the day before traffic melted the ice.  But it was enough for me.  Every year I wish for a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know – as a child.  This year my wish was granted, but still meant that travel was reasonable.  In the city about 150 km away, a few days before Christmas, they got a huge dump of snow, creating havoc for a day or two, then nothing, not even a glimpse of white on Christmas Day. 

Our snow is mostly gone now too, which is okay with people wanting to get out and celebrate New Years – safer traveling.

We had some visitors who mostly just left their tracks:


But then we caught some glimpses of them:



And, despite the snow, we had some summer holdouts:

408.Winter roses

As much as I’d like to bring these indoors to enjoy, I know cutting them will only make them wilt within probably minutes, and now that it’s so cold, might kill the plant.  But as long as it is cold, they’ll stay like this for a while yet.

Over Christmas, not much has been done in the way of quilting.  Admittedly I’ve been a bit lazy, but in my defense, we’ve also had quite the social whirl between the regular celebrations, and when we had down-time, I just went down.  So I’ve no projects even started to show you all. 

But I have plans:

  • Winter White Exchange (see my left side-bar) – I know what I want to do, just need to get the fabrics together
  • A special quilt for a special person, that’ll be a surprise
  • An applique quilt from a photo of a painting (photo given to me by the artist with her blessing to make a quilt)
  • BOM at our LQS – I decided not to do a quilt, but rather to make projects from each block
  • And at last finish up the binding on all the scrap quilts from 2010
  • It’s not a lot, but I’m sure more will come along as time goes by.  I really don’t like to make New Years’ Resolutions, mostly because I tend to forget what I resolved to do, and they all come to naught.   But I do like to set goals, hopefully realistic ones, for myself on
              shorter term bases.  So these are enough for me.
                              Oh, and on Boxing Day, we checked our mail box, and the Giveaway winning had arrived:

                            These lovelies will make for some fun this year, I’m sure.  Thanks again Kim!

                            During the holiday season, I picked up on a blog that’s new to me.  In Practical Faith, LC shares devotional thoughts that apply Scripture truths to life.  I’ve found them a perfect daily devotional for me.  At the same time, our former pastor, Jim, has renewed his regular blog postings at There’s More in You Than You Think.   He uses this avenue to share God’s Word and teach, and never fails to inspire me and give me pause to think.  I have fairly regularly through my life tried to practice regular devotional time, but am not very disciplined – these blogs make it easy, especially as I am a ‘follower’ and therefore they pop up on my reading list.

                            So that’s my life in the last two weeks (hard to believe so much time has gone by since my last post), and some of what I hope will come to pass in the next little while.

                            Wishing all of you a Happy New Year, safe celebrations, and a great start to the future!                 Blessings, Peg

                            Sunday, December 16, 2012

                            Let It Snow, Let it Snow,

                            Let It Snow

                            Yesterday we saw the first snow of the season!  It’s so pretty!


                            I just love snow, it’s so crisp and clean (well, before traffic and sanding and snowplows), and it lays a kind of hush over the world that just makes me feel so content and happy!

                            There’s not a lot of snow out there, maybe an inch or so, just enough to let us all know that it actually did snow.  We know it won’t last, so we’ll enjoy it while it’s here.

                            And while it snowed, the Blog Hop Party and Giveaway ended.  As I opened up by computer this morning to check for any last-minute entries, I found an email telling me that I won one of the draws that I entered!  How great is that!   So my first order of business was to email a reply with mailing address, so my package will arrive soon – I’ll show it to you all when it gets here.

                            But on to my draw!  This was a great party, and 57 readers entered to win the sewer’s tote that I had made.  382These pictures are the one that I made first for myself, the winner will get one with different fabrics, and experience behind it!381.sewing caddy give-away

                            Using a random number generator, the winner is……………  # 25

                            Carolyn of Sew. Darn. Quilt!

                            Thank you to everybody that entered, to those who have become new followers through the process, and to Michelle of the Quilting Gallery for sponsoring the Hop!

                            Carolyn has been sent an email to let her know, and as soon as I’ve heard back from her, the package will be put in the mail.

                            Good luck to all the rest of you – hoping that you all win something!

                            Blessings, Peg

                            Saturday, December 15, 2012

                            Thoughts and Prayers

                            Yesterday we heard the news, as I’m sure most of the rest of you did, about the tragedy in Connecticut.  So many lives senselessly lost.  So many families hurting.  It’s so unbelievable that it’s difficult to put words to the feelings.

                            One of my sisters shared this on her blog

                            "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.' To this day, especially in times of 'disaster,' I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers - so many caring people in this world." -- Mister Rogers

                            As we watched the news late last night, we saw the helpers – they were everywhere – and we felt some relief that there are others standing right beside, behind and around those that are reeling from the pain.  And pray that they can all also know the love of God that surrounds them, know that He stands beside, behind, under, over, and around at all times.

                            A prayer chain was started on FB – and I want to continue it here.  Please pass it along – and if any of you know, or know somebody who knows, any of the families in Connecticut, please let them know we are praying!



                            Thursday, December 13, 2012

                            I Missed It!

                            12-12-12 happened yesterday.  I had been thinking of posting (something, I knew not what) on this auspicious day, and somehow it slipped past me without my noticing it.  But then, I really don’t know what’s supposed to be so auspicious about it.

                            Back in 1999, somebody at work remarked on 9-9-99, which just happened to be my niece’s 9th birthday, and then starting in 2001, it seemed like each year when the month and day lined up with the year, there was some kind of froo-frah (is that even a word?).  And in 2010 there seemed to be a race on to get married on 10-10-10.

                            But, for whatever reason – maybe because everybody is waiting with bated breath for 21-12-12 to see if we’re going to have a 22-12-12 – there’s not been much note taken of 12-12-12. 

                            So for me it was just another day.  And what DID I do with it?

                            Well, I started off with finishing the last touches on the Christmas baking:

                            Nanaimo bars, confetti squares, peanut butter bites, marzipan chocolates

                            Butter tarts, peppermint cookies, macaroons

                            (to be completely honest Grizz made the marzipan and macaroons)


                            Then I had a sewing day, stuff I had planned to do on Monday but then the power went out and by the time it came back on again, I had no desire to sew.  But on Wednesday I made some headway with a couple of projects.

                            First, some coasters that had been sitting around for several months, now quilted and bound:



                            And a little (very little) bit of quilting on this wall-hanging which has been in the planning for a couple of years.  It now just needs to be bound and some sort of sleeve or hanging tabs attached, but not sure what color to use for binding – any thoughts?



                            So what did you do with 12-12-12?


                            While I’m here, don’t forget, if you haven’t already, to enter the draw for the little sewing tote that I made in celebration of Quilting Gallery’s 5 the Birthday Blog Hop and Party.  And then head on over to Quilting Gallery, via the link on my left-hand side-bar, to hop through the rest of the blogs and join in the fun of all the give-aways.

                            Draw date for my give-away is Saturday Dec 15, in the evening, winner will be announced on Sunday.   Good luck to you all!

                            Happy baking, sewing, decorating, parties!              Blessings, Peg

                            Sunday, December 9, 2012

                            Blog Hop Party and Give-away

                            It’s here – the 5th Birthday Celebration at Quilting Gallery, and I’ve joined in on the fun of the Blog Hop Party and Give-away.

                            I love to quilt (other sewing not so much), and I love to be organized about it, so when I found a pattern for a sewer’s tote-along caddy, I quickly made one up for myself.  And it’s wonderful on the arm of my favorite sewing chair.


                            381.sewing caddy give-away

                            So I’d like to share one with somebody else, through this give-away.  For every follower who comments, your name will be put in the draw.  If you’re a follower, who doesn’t have a blog, please send a private email (through my profile) and I’ll add you to the list.

                            Draw date will be Dec. 15.  Sorry, only North America shipping.

                            If you want to hop through the other blogs and get in on more give-aways, click on the Blog Hop Party button on my side bar.

                            Happy hopping!                             Blessings, Peg

                            Friday, December 7, 2012

                            It’s Coming!

                            Yep, Christmas is coming!  And I know that because……..we got our first Christmas card!

                            Which spurred me on to getting Christmas cards ready.  We don’t mail many real cards, mostly to those aunts and uncles who don’t have a computer.  For almost everybody else – it’s an e-card!  Oh, the joys of making a list, checking it twice …. and pushing a button and it’s all done!  Just like that!

                            So in the spirit of sending Christmas greetings…….here’s my card to all of you:



                            I wish you all God’s blessings and the love of Jesus in your hearts now and forever more.

                            The other up-coming event in blogger-land is the 5th birthday party over at Quilter’s Gallery – being celebrated with a Blog Hop Party.  Join the fun, hop through the blogs, enter the give-aways starting December 10.   And don’t forget to come back here for your chance to get……well, that’ll be a surprise.  Link through the button on my left side-bar.

                            Happy celebrations!                  Blessings, Peg

                            Tuesday, December 4, 2012

                            Needing a Long-arm Quilter?

                            Way back in the spring, I made a quilt for a wedding gift for our DS1 and DDIL2.


                            It’s a monster king-size, and I knew I couldn’t even begin to quilt it.  So off to the local long-arm quilter it went.

                            At the time, life was a whirl – getting ready for our cross-country trip, making baby stuff, preparing for the wedding to come in August, winding up work, sewing ahead for Christmas…..and Linda (the quilter) said she’d be posting the quilt on her blog.  I said I’d be watching for it – and then completely forgot.

                            I’m not sure what made me think of it this morning, but I took a trip over to visit Linda at her blog, and here’s what I found:


                            Didn’t she do a fabulous job of the quilting?  If you need a quilter, be sure to head over to Quilted Cats Hideaway.   Linda and her daughter Rhonda are both fabulous quilters (at every step of the way), and will do just as wonderful a job as they did on this one.  Here’s a picture of their studio, from their web-site:

                            My quilt, called East Meets West, filled the frame completely from end-to-end, with not much room left over. 

                            Just my little plug for a local business!


                            And while I’m here…..a little reminder……don’t forget to come back on December 10 and enter the draw for my give-away for the Quilter’s Gallery 5th Birthday Blog Hop Party – link on my left-hand side-bar.

                            Happy quilting!                    Blessings, Peg

                            Saturday, December 1, 2012

                            A Hop and A Giveaway

                            Quilting Gallery is celebrating their 5th birthday – and has decided on a Blog Hop Party with Giveaways.    I’m going to join in on the fun – are you?

                            Blog Hop Party


                            If you want to join in – the hop (and give-aways) starts Dec. 10.  Click on the button on my side-bar to register your blog.


                            And don’t forget to come back here between Dec. 10 and 15 to get in on my give-away!  And to hop through the other blogs to get in on even more chances!

                            Happy birthday party!                 Blessings, Peg

                            Quilt Block Exchange

                            Don’t know if you noticed or not, but on my left-hand side-bar, there’s a new button – Winter White Friendship Block Exchange

                            Lee, over at Lala’s Lovelys, has been so taken with the crisp, clear lovely white surrounding her, that she’s decided to host a block exchange.

                            Lalas Lovelys

                            This one got me really excited, because I too love the crisp white of snow.  There’s something so ethereal about it, and one of my favorite things to do is to walk in fresh snow at night – doesn’t seem to matter what’s going on around, there’s a hush covering it all.

                            So I’m joining her – anybody else?  Click on the link above, or on the button in this post, and check it out.  Twelve quilters, twelve blocks to finish with a quilt that will always bring back the memories of snow, and the friends made through the exchange, all year long!

                            Happy exchanges!                Blessings, Peg

                            It’s Beginning

                            to look……and sound……and smell…….

                            a lot like Christmas!  Everywhere you go!

                            We took a drive a few days ago to visit my parents, 2 mountain passes away, and saw:



                            As we drive down the streets and walk through the stores, the signs of Christmas decorating is everywhere – wreaths on doors, candy canes in gardens, lighted reindeer.  And in our house, the tree is up (even though it’s green outside the window):


                            This year we started the tree with two very special ornaments in memory of our baby grand daughters born in July and gone ahead of us to heaven:

                            02.Piper and Emme ornaments

                            It was a very emotional moment for both of us, but something we needed to do.

                            Everywhere we turn, the sounds of Christmas fill the air as carols and songs play in stores, on radio and TV.  In our house, the Christmas CDs are out and ready, and we made sure to find a music channel on the TV playing Christmas music as we decorated the house.

                            And last weekend, as we walked through a variety of artisan shops on a local Christmas Crawl, we enjoyed the scent of apple cider at several of the shops.  In our house, the scent of chocolate candies filled the air about a week ago….and shortly the aroma of baking will surround us.

                            How about you – are you getting ready for Christmas?  Are you surrounded by the sights and sounds and smells?

                            Happy, happy holiday preparations!                 Blessings, Peg