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Sunday, December 30, 2012

It Was a White Christmas

which renewed my belief in miracles!  We almost couldn’t believe it when we saw the snow falling, yet again, as our children left to visit their other family.  There wasn’t a lot of snow, just enough to cover the grass (mostly), and make the streets a little slick in the early hours of the day before traffic melted the ice.  But it was enough for me.  Every year I wish for a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know – as a child.  This year my wish was granted, but still meant that travel was reasonable.  In the city about 150 km away, a few days before Christmas, they got a huge dump of snow, creating havoc for a day or two, then nothing, not even a glimpse of white on Christmas Day. 

Our snow is mostly gone now too, which is okay with people wanting to get out and celebrate New Years – safer traveling.

We had some visitors who mostly just left their tracks:


But then we caught some glimpses of them:



And, despite the snow, we had some summer holdouts:

408.Winter roses

As much as I’d like to bring these indoors to enjoy, I know cutting them will only make them wilt within probably minutes, and now that it’s so cold, might kill the plant.  But as long as it is cold, they’ll stay like this for a while yet.

Over Christmas, not much has been done in the way of quilting.  Admittedly I’ve been a bit lazy, but in my defense, we’ve also had quite the social whirl between the regular celebrations, and when we had down-time, I just went down.  So I’ve no projects even started to show you all. 

But I have plans:

  • Winter White Exchange (see my left side-bar) – I know what I want to do, just need to get the fabrics together
  • A special quilt for a special person, that’ll be a surprise
  • An applique quilt from a photo of a painting (photo given to me by the artist with her blessing to make a quilt)
  • BOM at our LQS – I decided not to do a quilt, but rather to make projects from each block
  • And at last finish up the binding on all the scrap quilts from 2010
  • It’s not a lot, but I’m sure more will come along as time goes by.  I really don’t like to make New Years’ Resolutions, mostly because I tend to forget what I resolved to do, and they all come to naught.   But I do like to set goals, hopefully realistic ones, for myself on
              shorter term bases.  So these are enough for me.
                              Oh, and on Boxing Day, we checked our mail box, and the Giveaway winning had arrived:

                            These lovelies will make for some fun this year, I’m sure.  Thanks again Kim!

                            During the holiday season, I picked up on a blog that’s new to me.  In Practical Faith, LC shares devotional thoughts that apply Scripture truths to life.  I’ve found them a perfect daily devotional for me.  At the same time, our former pastor, Jim, has renewed his regular blog postings at There’s More in You Than You Think.   He uses this avenue to share God’s Word and teach, and never fails to inspire me and give me pause to think.  I have fairly regularly through my life tried to practice regular devotional time, but am not very disciplined – these blogs make it easy, especially as I am a ‘follower’ and therefore they pop up on my reading list.

                            So that’s my life in the last two weeks (hard to believe so much time has gone by since my last post), and some of what I hope will come to pass in the next little while.

                            Wishing all of you a Happy New Year, safe celebrations, and a great start to the future!                 Blessings, Peg


                            1. Isn't it funny Pam... You long for a white Christmas... I long for a warm Christmas...hahah such is human nature!!! We had a very cold Christmas...but the last couple days it has been pleasant and I must say beautiful with all the snow... I might as well embrace it!! I will have many years to be a snowbird:)) I will check out those blogs.I did a bible study online in the fall...It is nice to have a devotional right on your computer! Sounds like you have lots planned for the New Year..It seems like I am sorta existing this year knowing that our time in the city will come to an end in the next year, and I am looking forward to heading south with my daughter for a bit. I do have a T-shirt quilt I am going to start working on...but I'm not much of a quilter... Well take care, and I hope you have a wonderful New year!!

                            2. Wishing you a very happy New year, Peg.
                              I'm going to have a look at the two blogs you mentioned.

                            3. Don't you just love our balmy winter weather here in the lower mainland. Flowers blooming in our gardens at Christmas.
                              I am not a fan of snow on the roads, sidewalks or driveways but love it sprinkled around the gardens. Hmmm. I guess I can't get that can I.
                              Happy New Year to you Peg.

                            4. Happy New Year Peg. Calgary is finally out of the deep freeze!

                            5. Thanks for mentioning that you use some blogs for your morning devotionals. I have to confess that I, too, struggle with disciplining myself to take the time for morning devotions on a regular basis. But I always check my reader in the morning ... so why not have a couple of devotional blogs in my reader? What an excellent idea! And the first two that I'm going to check out are the two that you read. ;-)

                              I'm jealous of your white Christmas. We were supposed to have snow for Christmas, but of course, it missed us. :-( At least we've got snow for New Year's ... but only a little bit ... a tease. ;-)

                              My pansies were holding out, but I fear that this last cold spell finished them off.