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Saturday, December 1, 2012

It’s Beginning

to look……and sound……and smell…….

a lot like Christmas!  Everywhere you go!

We took a drive a few days ago to visit my parents, 2 mountain passes away, and saw:



As we drive down the streets and walk through the stores, the signs of Christmas decorating is everywhere – wreaths on doors, candy canes in gardens, lighted reindeer.  And in our house, the tree is up (even though it’s green outside the window):


This year we started the tree with two very special ornaments in memory of our baby grand daughters born in July and gone ahead of us to heaven:

02.Piper and Emme ornaments

It was a very emotional moment for both of us, but something we needed to do.

Everywhere we turn, the sounds of Christmas fill the air as carols and songs play in stores, on radio and TV.  In our house, the Christmas CDs are out and ready, and we made sure to find a music channel on the TV playing Christmas music as we decorated the house.

And last weekend, as we walked through a variety of artisan shops on a local Christmas Crawl, we enjoyed the scent of apple cider at several of the shops.  In our house, the scent of chocolate candies filled the air about a week ago….and shortly the aroma of baking will surround us.

How about you – are you getting ready for Christmas?  Are you surrounded by the sights and sounds and smells?

Happy, happy holiday preparations!                 Blessings, Peg


  1. Omg Peg I Must have missed your news about the grand daughters. I am so sorry . May your little angels be watching over your shoulder all the times.

  2. The birds in honour of your granddaughters are so sweet. They even make me tear up.

  3. Piper and Emme's ornaments are beautiful. Got a bit misty-eyed thinking about all three little one's that came and went so quickly this year. Yule preparations are under way. I will be building the tree today, picking up the lights for it tomorrow and it should be ready to be unveiled by mid-week. Then I guess I better get baking and stuff for the Feast!

  4. What a beautiful and touching way to honor your granddaughters. Those ornaments are gorgeous.

  5. What a beautiful and touching way to honor your granddaughters. Those ornaments are gorgeous. I love them!