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A Pieceful Life


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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bits and Pieces

It’s amazing how quickly laziness can take over.  And I’ve been lazy!  At least about blogging.  Elsewhere, I’ve kept going and then forget to take pictures.

Quilting-wise, the year started with only plans, no on-going projects, except for the LQS BOM, and a block exchange.  Well, now there are a couple of things in the works, but not enough fabric (the right fabric) to make any real progress.  I did make a little ‘winter welcome’ banner for the front door:


It’s not quilted because it’s out in the elements and in our rainy climate……          The snowflakes are thanks to Kim of Chatterbox Quilts, won in the Blog Hop Giveaway in December – thanks Kim!

These got cut out, will become a quilt some day:001

The Winter White Block Exchange – I chose to do simple snowballs, and had two fabrics that I liked.  Then I pulled out Fernie, my new-to-me Singer Featherweight, to do some test-sewing on it, and decided that I’d sew all of these blocks on her.  It’s going okay, takes some getting used to, and struggle a little more with getting the points to match (but then that’s also partly because all the seams are pressed the same direction):002

So yesterday, took some time to stop at a couple of shops and picked up fabrics to hopefully make some progress on some of these:


Oops, guess I have to report this purchase on Quilting Canadians Use ‘Er Up and Get ‘Er Done discussion.  Why, oh, why did I decide to become accountable for using up stash – and how much I purchase?!?  But then, what do you do when the stash doesn’t produce!  Oh, well!

Also have done some machine embroidery for a set of placemats:


Just this morning, I was reading about Craftsy on Chatterbox Quilts.  A FB friend also follows this all-around craft site, with lots of ideas and lessons.  So I took a look – just might have to get in on the action there.

And around the house – decided to get a jump on spring cleaning, and do little bits at a time rather than try to do it all in one month.  My mother has started a pattern of cleaning one room a month all year long.  That way she gets everything done twice a year.  Sounds like a plan to me, and not nearly so exhausting.  Right now I just want to get through the house once because it hasn’t been done in a year or so, then will settle into some kind of pattern.  The hall closets are cleaned and reorganized, and in the kitchen the pantry, fridge and a couple of cupboards beside the fridge.  At the rate I’m going, it’ll take two weeks just to get the kitchen done!

Last week, I wrote a story for Mag, but this week’s prompt just isn’t catching my imagination at all.  So unless I have a dream or vision or something – may just have to wait for next week.

Hope all is well at your house, and your new year has started off with lots of promise.                  Blessings, Peg


  1. lots of fun things in the works - I like your little winter banner, and enjoyed your story from last week.

  2. snow balls are very appropriate for a winter block! I am having to re-do some of mine as the needle wasn't in the right position so i didn't have 1/4" seam, thus not having a 9.5" block. I am having tea with Kim on Friday. Darn I was hoping for another story, but that picture is not very inspirational is it? your winter banner is cute!

  3. You do have lots going on! I love those tone on tone striped fabrics. I am looking forward to seeing what they become.

  4. My goodness but you have gotten a good start in 2013. Wish I had your energy! BTW love the new look of the blog!!

  5. Love the new look for Pieces on My Mind - very bright and cheerful. I have once again ripped out the argyle socks with yet another plan of attack in mind. So far, I have to say that the results are dismal. And I can't even explain why! Anyway, those stripy squares are very cool. Can't wait to see what you do with them.