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Friday, January 11, 2013

Dodged That Bullet

Yesterday our computer went down – and we thought we might have lost it, along with our minds (in more ways than one, because everything and I mean EVERYTHING lives in that computer).

What happened?  Well an update, following which the computer restarted.  And suddenly a black screen with a window stating that ‘Start up Repair’ was running and ‘may take a few minutes’.  Thirty minutes later – still running, and we began to wonder what was going on.  So out came our little notebook – thank heaven for a second computer – and we did a little research.   We found folks who’d purposefully run Start-up Repair, and waited 9-12 hours, even one who waited 3 1/2 days, for it to complete.

Well, I got on the horn (actually a chat support) and asked about this.  Eventually the answer – give it 3 hours, then manually shut down, and boot with recovery disc or do a reinstall of Windows.  Oh, man!

Well, about 2 hours later, we walked into the computer room to find it awake and running and all programs and files intact!

Whew!     So now – get those photos and a few other things backed up properly, and stop procrastinating.  At least if we have to buy another computer we have things saved.    What do you all do with your photos and important files?

In the meantime – a little more progress made with snowball blocks.  And another part of the kitchen cleaned.

Blessings, Peg


  1. Thank goodness you didn't lose anything. My husband has an external drive (or something??) that is used for backing up our computers. I never backup - maybe I should!

  2. I have a tera gig (1,000 G) external hard drive that I regulary or irregularly back up my photos to - depending on how many pictures I've taken each month - but always twice a month. When we are out of town that goes in the safe deposit box - it also has other important files backed up on it. I also have a 64 G thumb drive and two 32 G thumb drives that I do a similar photo back up every other month - and those live permanently in the safe deposit box - only coming out for re-backing up.

    I feel safe this way - plus I have two sons-in-law and a son that are computer geniuses and if a hard drive ever did fail - they could get me out of a fix. But another thing I did was to buy a solid state hard drive for the laptop - so if the laptop itself fails, the hard drive won't - which is reassuring.

  3. Lucky for you that you that the computer came back to life, great warning to get it backed up. I try to back up once a month as you never know when your computer will die for good.

  4. I hate it when these things happen and I dont have a clue what is going on. I have an external hard drive but need to remember to back up!

  5. I swear that computers have minds of their own and do things like this just to freak us out from time to time. It's either their little joke on us. Or they're taking over the world! (JJ)

  6. Gosh Peg!
    My heart would be in my throat if that would happen to me. I'm sure you know that feeling.
    I do have an external hard drive, and don't use it very often, but I think I will use it today just from hearing of your experience.
    Glad you didn't loose all your photos and files!!
    Happy quilting!

  7. That would be frightening - happy for you that it fixed itself in a timely fashion. We back up our computer once a month to an external hard drive .... just in case. I live in fear of the computer crashing and cannot imagine life without it and all that it contains - it's my lifeline to the real world! :)