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Monday, January 28, 2013

What’s Going On?

Not sure how I’ve filled the time lately, but it seems to pass and suddenly here we are nearly at the end of January.  The calendar says there are only 337 days left in the year, meaning only 331 days until Christmas.  Not that I’m counting or anything, but I’m amazed that, for the first time in my life, I have time to notice things like that!

Not that I’ve been lazy or anything!  All the cupboards, drawers and closets have been cleaned out, sorted through, and tidied up…..and boxes of ‘stuff’ sent off to the Thrift Store.  Thankfully one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

In cleaning up, I found a couple of things that needed attention.  First a South African Tea Shower – this lovely embroidered tulle was a wedding shower gift from the South African lady who catered both my shower and wedding reception.004

The purpose of this is to cover your table while waiting for guests to arrive and finishing up cooking.  Of course, in South Africa, flies can be a major concern.  Where it’s not such a concern here, especially indoors in the winter, I did use it a few times in our early married years.  And then, it kind of got ‘lost’ in a move or two, and found again in about 1998.  A couple of years after that, a puppy we had decided this would make a great toy, and managed to put some significant holes in the tulle – thankfully the embroidery was mostly untouched.  It got put away, again, and each time I ran across it over the past few years, I wondered what to do about it.  A neighbor friend is fabulous at fixing and remaking and making patterns from pictures, so I asked her opinion.  She said it couldn’t be repaired (which I suspected), but suggested I cut out the embroidery and ‘float’ it onto a new piece of tulle, or a table cloth.  I happen to have a white table cloth, with a small burn hole from a candle wick that was trimmed while burning and dropped.  Hmmm…..so I proceeded to cut out the embroidery, and then realized I didn’t have a picture of the original.  So if you look closely, you can see where the embroidery has been cut out, and of course Tobin has to be involved in every picture especially if it involves fabric.  Anyway, the pieces are there, waiting for me to work them onto the tablecloth.

Another ‘find’ was a small picture afghan that my mother made for our DS1.  It got well used when he was small, and some of the stitching pulled out.  So repairing was done, the afghan freshened up, and DS1 will get it at some point:


Isn’t it cute?   DS1 and DDIL2 are animal lovers, have 2 dogs and 2 cats, so this throw on any bed in their house will fit quite nicely.  Or they can put it away for their children, if they want.

On the quilting front – a small (surprise) quilt is ready for quilting, and will go on Big Bertha as soon as I pick up some backing for it. 

And some placemats:


These are ready for quilting, which I’ll probably get to later today or tomorrow.   Here’s a close-up of one the machine embroidery red-work patches in the lower right corner (a little fuzzy because I used the original to enlarge):009


Other than that, it’s been pretty quiet around here.  In between times I’ve been going back and trying to restore some pictures on old blogs.  Early last year, I got confused about Picasso Web Album and deleted a bunch of pictures never to be restored again on PWA.  So now I’m trying to get back the most significant ones – it’s laborious, but it seemed such a shame to leave all those exclamation marks out there if anybody went back to read an old post.  Oh, the wonders of computers!

Which reminds me I spent several hours over this past weekend getting our notebook running again.  Not sure what happened exactly, but we had a funny blank screen that opened when we turned the computer on, which wouldn’t close, and nothing I did got rid of it.  So I did a system restore, which appeared to go well, but then we couldn’t access the internet – something about local files needed to be reinstalled.  Really not sure what that was all about.  But with the help of those wonderful tech wizards at the end of the phone, in India somewhere, the computer was reset, no blank screen, and internet opening nicely. 

At the end, though, a ‘senior’ technician was called, who spent all of 2 minutes checking things out and then tried to get me to buy internet security ‘for only $349.95’.  It took some persuading on my part to get him to understand that I was not buying such a thing over the internet, that I would take my computer business to a local repairman if necessary.  He ‘showed’ me that there were 25,000 errors on the computer that needed to be addressed, and he ‘showed’ me that their business is fully approved by BBB – I’m afraid I’m just too suspect to accept this kind of information from a nameless, faceless person who has enough computer knowledge to ‘show’ me anything he wants me to see.  Besides, if the computer isn’t easily fixable, it’s over 3 years old, running Vista which is already very outdated, and can be replaced for ‘only $349.95’ (or thereabouts). 

We’re actually very aware of the age of our computers, and very aware that they only ‘live’ just so long before they need to go to the computer graveyard.  So we’ll just keep our eye on how it’s working, and keep eyes open for computer sales that may come up.   And that’ll be my rant for the day.

Happy ‘fixing’!                        Blessings, Peg


  1. I love the red and white blocks, and look forward to seeing them made up.

  2. I can't believe that it's already the end of January. The year is nearly 1/12 done.

    You've been busy ... I'm afraid that I have nothing to show for the last 29 days. ;-)

  3. sometimes the day just go by so quickly. You have been busy with all your cleaning and sorting, sewing and computer stuff. Computer stuff chews up way too much time. There is always something that needs attending to on them old or new. Bad weather in southern Alberta today, so I am staying in to sew.

  4. I hate it when you call a tech for assistance and they try to sell you something. And the recording always says the call will be monitored. I wonder if they get reprimanded for persisting in the sales push after three or four firm "I'm not interested". Love your tulle table cloth. It will be worth repurposing the embroidery. At first the picture was tiny and I thought you had found it with some kind of insect breeding on it. Then I enlarged it and saw it was your cat :)

  5. Oh Peg what a great post. I so enjoyed a more or less, summary, of your latest goings on. I stay busy all the time and sometimes wonder what I have done. After all the Christmas crafting I am just taking a sabbatical. Back to my art classes and working on a three week long project of a bird. Birds take a lot of work. Looking forward to spring, as I am sure you folks are too. Blessings

  6. Funny! I was just now thinking about those Tea Showers that you and K got from Mrs. K. I often wondered what happened to them; if you kept them, used them. They were so beautiful! Mrs. K was such a calm person to be around. I loved her energy. Anyway, I'll look forward to seeing the new life you breathe into yours.