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Monday, February 4, 2013

Award–leading to randomness

This morning, I opened email to see a note from a fellow blogger, offering me an award.  The Liebster Award

for bloggers with under 200 followers.  According to the rules, I’m to share 11 random facts about myself, and then answer the 11 questions put to me by the nominator, formulate 11 new questions and nominate 11 more bloggers for the award.

Whew!  That’s a lot of 11’s.  A while back I sat in a group where we were challenged to come up with 5 random facts about ourselves, one of which was to be a lie.  As I listened to the others sharing, I could only think what a boring life I’ve led.  So I have to wonder, what could I tell people that they would find interesting.

Another thought that immediately came to mind was the fact that I see so many blogs that ask to be ‘award-free’, and I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes by nominating them.  So what do I do?

Well, I’ll try to find something interesting to tell you about myself – 11 something’s actually, and hope you enjoy.  Then I’ll answer Janet’s 11 questions (and you might want to visit her blog Cariboo Crossings Chronicles and read her random thoughts, and the answers to the questions she was posed).  But then….I’ll pass on making further nominations.  I’ll just say, if you like to share your life, want to join in on the fun, whether or not you have less than 200 followers, please do so, and let us all know that you’ve taken on the challenge.

So here goes – 11 random facts about my life:

1.Married 40 years to my best friend, we have 6 children – 3 of our own, 3 joined by marriage.  Grandchildren haven’t joined us yet, but we have promises!

2. Travel, travel, travel is the one thing we both want to do.  We have a trailer and constantly look for interesting places to take it.  Most recently we did a 3-month trip to eastern Canada, going through the US for some of both directions.  Next trip – hmmm….we’d like to do Yukon and Northwest Territories, then there’s southeastern US of which we’ve seen very little, and the invitation to join friends in Napa Valley, California – will we get it all in, only time will tell

3. I’m a nurse now fully retired, but I didn’t spend many of my career years at the bed-side.  Instead, I had desk jobs that took me into some very interesting areas, including the world of computers for a while.  Because of that, I really do avoid any medical discussions because I don’t think I’m as up-to-date as I could be.

4. I’m a reader, always have been.  When I was a young girl, I woke up early in the morning before anybody else was awake, and lost my self in a book.  Then went to bed early so I could get in some reading time before my sister insisted the light be turned out.  In between, every spare moment was spent reading.  Now…..I still read and always, always have a book at hand, but find I can only manage to sit still for 15-20 minutes at a stretch, then my fingers get itchy to ‘do’ something.  But I still put myself to sleep with a book!

5. I learned to knit on the school playground – a bunch of us girls would walk around with a ball of yarn in our pocket and needles in our hands.   I even knit a sweater for Grizz back in the days when we were dating.  Then I learned to crochet – so much easier and quicker (for me).  And actually I’ve just completed some small crochet projects.  Then I learned to cross-stitch, and that became my passion, and I still always have a cross-stitch project to pick up in the evening.  Some time ago, I showed you this picture:

036.Kilby x-stitch

That was three years ago – here’s the same project today:


Progress, slow but getting there.  There’s actually a possibility that this will be completed this year sometime.

6. Quilting became my hobby a little over 10 years ago, when our DS1 met a girl whose mother was a quilter.  She inspired me, and I’ve not looked back since. When I bought a ‘quilting’ sewing machine, I was just learning about machine embroidery, and found a machine that combined both worlds.  Now sometimes embroidered pieces find their way into some of my quilts – actually this year, I seem to have started on a 12-month project that will be combining the two of them.  On that note, here’s the latest embroidery/quilt project just finished:


Four of these now grace our dining room table.

7. I am an organizer – of myself, my space, my life.  Which spills over into organizing my family, well Grizz in particular, which he just accepts with so much patience.  I sometimes wish that I could somehow make a business of organizing – hmmmm……

8. Math was tough for me in school, right from the get-go, and yet somehow I found myself home-schooling DS2 in math when he hit his rough patch in high school.  Whew!  Had to learn things that I’d never even seen before – but we made it through, and he was able to go on to university (avoiding math all the way!)

9. I am a born-again Christian.  Maybe I should have started with that, as this really is the defining principle of my life.

10. Ocean cruises, for me, are the most relaxing vacations that I’ve ever had, and hope to do several more.

11. I also enjoy studying our family genealogy – and with an eclectic history that includes Hungarian, Scottish, Eastern Canadian, US Kentucky/Tennessee hillbilly (really it’s true), there’s lots to learn about where I came from and what has made me who I am today – a hard-working, penny-pinching, music-loving, home-grown, seeker of adventure!

And here are the questions that Janet posed:

1. Where were you born?  Do you still live there and like it?  If you don't live there would you want to live there again?

I was born in Nelson, BC, Canada, but haven’t lived there since I was just a little over a year old.  Grizz went to university there, and we both like the area, and have at times thought about moving back there, but now we’re looking at other options for our retirement years and old age creeping up.  Nelson is beautiful, though, mountains and hills and all four seasons and we’ve been back for visits a few times in our married life.

2. How many pets have you had in your life time?  Do you have one now?

Wow, don’t think I could count all the pets, mostly dogs I (we) have had.  A few stand out in my mind

  • the puppy we had when I was about 8 years old, that escaped at just a few weeks old and didn’t survive the encounter with the car – I couldn’t accept his passing, and asked the kids at school  to watch out for him and bring him home if they found him
  • the Collie that neighbors found on a camping trip, couldn’t find the owner, and couldn’t keep him.  He was just like Lassie.  And oh, so smart!  Somebody had trained him that people should walk on sidewalks, and if no sidewalk they should walk on the left side of the road – and he would always go out to the street and guide walkers to the correct place
  • the Sheltie that was MY dog in our early married years.  She was so very loyal and devoted, wanting nothing more than to be next to me
  • right now we have Sadie and Tobin – basset dog and calico cat respectively.  They’re both getting up in years, just like us and seem to prefer warm places to sleep – and they do sleep a lot!


3. What is the most unusual place you have visited?

Not sure of the definition of unusual here – not often visited by outsiders, or unique in appearance or otherwise.  So I’m picking a combination of both.  Quadra Island, off the coast of Vancouver Island, accessible only by ferry from Campbell River, which means if you don’t already live on Vancouver Island, you need to get there (by ferry usually) then drive from the ferry landing either north or south and get on another ferry.  Lots of outsiders do actually visit there, but certainly not in the droves that visit other islands in the Gulf that are directly accessible from the mainland.  The main community on Quadra is all of one street, with a little strip mall and many, many artisan shops.  As we were heading home we saw the high-schoolers getting off the ferry and onto a school bus – no high school on the island, and a bus at each end of the ferry morning and evening.   Parks and oceanside and a lighthouse made for a wonderful day’s visit.  People were friendly – as attested by this sign:

39.Sign on Quadra Island

Just in care you can’t quite make it out…….. ‘Trespassers Are Invited For Tea’

4. Do you live in a castle, mansion, house, condo, apartment or tent - or a box on the street?

We live in a house, in a strata complex, a simple building that looks just like all the other houses around us.  But it’s cozy and comfie, with enough room for us and all our junk, and even a few extra people once in a while.

5. What made you laugh out loud most recently?

I sure know we did a lot of laughing last night as we played cards with friends, but not sure what specifically was so funny!  Just fun and games!

If you look at the picture on my right side-bar at the bottom, I’m definitely laughing out loud there – we were in Barkerville National Historic Site, enjoying the live theater, when one of the actors approached me to join them on the stage.  I had to act like a chicken – well if that wasn’t enough to make me laugh out loud, nothing would!  I think it made a few other people laugh out loud too!

6. Do you wear the colour purple?

Not often, but I did choose purple for the dress that I wore to our DS1’s wedding last August.  But I don’t belong to the Red Hat Club!  Not quite brave enough to wear that color combination.

7. Do you tell people how old you are or are you coy about your age?

I very proudly state that I am 61 years of age – and earned every grey hair on my head!

8. What is your pet name for your most loved one?

On the blog – Grizz, with others around – Gar, at home when it’s just the two of us – well, we’ll just keep that between the two of us!

9. What is the most favourite thing you have ever made - quilting, knitting, sewing or some other needlecraft?

My favorite – I think it’s the Row-by-Row wall hanging, that was presented by my dear friend and near relative at our LQS, that was a learning experience as well as fun!

88.Row by Row

10. Do you do crossword puzzles or Sudoku?

Crossword will win hands down every time – Sudoku just seem like too much repetition for me

11. How many times a year do you wear longjohns?  Do you know what longjohns are? :)

Well, I know what they are, and even own a pair, that only come out now when we pack for a winter trip to Alberta, and that just in case.  I can’t remember the last time I actually put them on.

Well, that’s all about me – and what else is blogging but all about the blogger.  Hope you enjoyed, and I didn’t ramble on too much!

Blessings, Peg


  1. That is certainly a lot of facts!
    I love your cross stitch and would like to know the name of the designer sometime.

  2. you didn't ramble and I enjoyed all your 11 responses and then some. Long Johns in alberta eh!

  3. You write so creatively. I feel like I've just been invited in for tea at your place.

  4. Interesting stuff, and the funny thing is that I knew so much of it already. Love the placemats - and the sign about trespassers - the world needs more of that. I love love love to read stuff like this about my friends.

  5. I'm like you ... I make no bones about my age.

    What is a strata complex? I've never heard of that before.

    You didn't ramble on too much ... it was nice to learn so many interesting facts about you.

  6. Great post Peg! Learnt to knit on the playground eh!! I too have long term cross stitch projects on the go. At least three of them. I find I don't have the energy to cross stitch in the evening these days like I used to. Thanks for the info on Quadra Island too. I'll put it on my list of places to visit.

  7. The only suprise: You walked around the school yard knitting with your friends? That's awesome! You rock, Sis.