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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Drop and Give Me Twenty–Post # 2

Well, 20 minutes of sewing – I’ve decided that’s impossible!  By the time 20 minutes has passed, I’ve turned the machine on, gathered my thoughts, gathered my fabrics, changed the needle, changed the presser foot, wound a bobbin, put the right bobbin in place, found the right thread and threaded the machine, turned on the iron (for the first time of many, many, many because it goes to ‘sleep’ over and over again and again – and makes me wish sometimes that I could fall asleep that easily)…..and then I can at last put fabric under the presser foot, and my foot to pedal.

And it goes from there.  But once I get started, I don’t stop that quickly.  One afternoon 20 minutes became 4 hours!  One question – part of making quilts is washing and pressing and sorting and cutting fabrics – so does all of that count?  No matter, it all needs to be done.

So what did I get done in the last few days?   Well, take a look:


This first is last month’s block of the LQS BOM.  I only noticed now that I should have turned the center blocks – oh, well!  The machine embroidery of the rainbow is a little lost in all of this – I think I’ll need to applique some clover leafs in the embroidered blocks.  But Tobin seems to like it!


This is last year’s BOM, finally has borders on, ready for quilting.


Outside of sewing, I’ve been enjoying some Stuart McLean.  If you’ve never heard or read him, he’s a must!  A Canadian humorist, his stories are truly Laugh Out Loud wonderful!  I sat at the doctor’s office the other day waiting my turn, doing my best to keep my chuckles to myself.  There’s nothing better than laughter to keep life in perspective.

Happy laughter!              Blessings, Peg


  1. You are amazing. All the steps you mentioned is why I cannot do quilting. I know how, but with all the other things I like doing that only involves sitting, yes I know not good, I just cannot do the ups and downs of all those things. I agree about the iron. Thank goodness it does go off on it's own because I would completely forget it was on. LOL

  2. i agree with you, 20 minutes just isn't enough. lol. Have fun and stop when you absolutely must!

  3. Love the Vinyl Cafe stories. I've caught myself laughing to myself in the car. Your blocks are looking great.

  4. That's what I was afraid of ... takes me 20 minutes to turn on my lights and my space heater, set a DVD in the DVD player, get my sewing machine ready to go, etc. And once I get going, I just don't want to stop. ;-)

    Your blocks and top are so pretty.

  5. Both are wonderful. I find that if I set myself a time limit to do something that it gets me started and I often don't stop at the timer - but it is a good way to get going.

  6. I agree that some clovers would add to the rainbow blocks. Love what you did with the BOM - fantastic border colours. I too love Stuart McLean and I have one of his books that I haven't read sitting in my to read pile.

  7. That BOM (?) is gorgeous! Just gorgeous.