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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Drop and Give Me Twenty–Post # 5

Last day of February!  As my dad said last night – 1/6 of the year is gone!  Amazing!  Have to wonder where it went, and as the song says ‘what have (I) done’?

Something just happened here.  When I typed the ‘I’ with the brackets, this appeared:  Light bulb.  Wonder how many more little symbols or icons can be found on these keyboards?    Hmmm….have to do some exploring.  And that of course means more time on the computer – is that maybe where some of the time has gone???

And speaking of computers – a few days ago, we received a strange message, and then a couple o f people sent us a note saying they’d received an email from us, with only a link, no explanation, no signature.  They were giving us the heads’ up.  When we looked at it (without opening), and checked things out a bit, it appeared to have possibly originated with Facebook.  Thankfully as far as we know, there was no damage to anybody’s computers, but if any of you received anything strange from me, well, first my apologies, and secondly if you see anything strange from us in the future, please delete.  We rarely even look at those jokes and stories and videos and links etc. that we receive, and even more rarely pass them on to anybody else.   There’s just too much danger out there with these dang machines (case in point, a lady who lives near here has been declared dead by the federal government, and even though she’s called and written several agencies, nobody believes her and she has to prove she’s alive.  How is this possible?  Somebody has probably hit a wrong button somewhere along the line, and a person’s life is wiped out, just like that!). 


And then this morning, I was wondering what happened to some comments that hadn’t appeared in my Inbox – well they were buried in Spam, including comments from regular contacts, right along with all that junk Spam that comes no matter what we do to try to stop it.  It’s a little disconcerting thinking that somebody (or some machine) out there has control over the things ‘we’ see and do.  Even to the point that email and Facebook and Pinterest and almost anything else that is accessed is scrutinized and the ads that appear on email and Facebook, etc are targeted to try to get our attention!  And now by ‘our’ I mean all of us, all of you out there, and anybody and everybody that we and you know.  It’s a little scary, and at times like this I’m thankful that I don’t have pots of money, and don’t know any government secrets!


But enough of my ranting.  On to the real purpose of today’s post, and this blog in general – quilting!

It’s the end of February, as said above, and thus ends the Drop and Give Me Twenty challenge.  I have to say that I believe I’ve actually not missed a day doing some sewing, or something sewing-related.  And not once was it only 20 minutes!  I’ve enjoyed meeting this challenge, it was so easy, and really did get the momentum going and avoided any February-blues wallowing.

So what’s been done in the last few days?  Well…..

Started on some Wonky stars blocks, here’s the piles of cut fabrics with the first finished block:



And loaded up a second quilt on Big Bertha and got a start on it:




It’s been a great month for quilting, for me.  Hope it’s been as good for the rest of you quilters out there – and for everybody else as well!

Happy challenges!                Blessings, Peg


  1. Love the wonky star block - very cute.

    That's funny about the email with just a link. I rec'd one from someone who has not had contact with me for a few years. When I looked at the email it was also just a link. I did not click on it and just deleted. It really is very easy to have our computers and our privacy invaded without our knowledge or permission.

  2. Computers are odd things, certainly. The link sent out by your computer is almost certainly a little virus. I have had so many messages of that sort from people who have no idea that their computer is doing it.

  3. It does seem like you are having some odd stuff going on at the same time... I also really enjoyed DaGMT and it certainly made February fly by! Love Wonky Star too.

  4. I sent a viagra message like that to my uncle once .. he suggested I might have a virus, so I changed my password and it seemed okay after that. Love the wonky star!

  5. there does seem to be a lot of spam and computer viruses out there. My daughter's Facebook got hit hard. Your 20 minute a day accomplishments are wonderful. Like you I don't think I could do only 20 minutes at a time.

  6. The good news is: The chances of being hacked and identity stolen is actually lower than winning the lottery. So, let's all go buy tickets! Wonky star? To go in a crazy quilt? LOL (JJ) Quilters have such great jargon.

  7. I have been very lucky with my spam filter on my blog. So far it has grabbed only actual spam. I have more problems with my blog content being stolen and posted elsewhere. So far Google has been great about deleted those thieves.
    You are going to accomplish a lot with your 20 minutes (or more)a day.
    As for that poor woman declared dead you can bet her bill collectors think she is still alive and well.