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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday Night With Friends

This was new to me, but having sewn on Friday night (well, late afternoon but it’s night somewhere), I decided to use it to share my accomplishments.

I’ve been a bit lazy at quilting lately, no good reason most of the time, just laziness.  But I determined to make some progress yesterday, and here’s what came out:


All quilted, ready to trim and apply binding.  Follow the link above to see what others did with their Friday Night sewing.

There’s another challenge out there – Drop and Give Me 20 – that’s 20 minutes of sewing every day for the month of February.  I find it hard to stop after 20 minutes, so I wonder if I do 120 minutes in one day, does that mean I can skip sewing for the next 5 days.   Will that satisfy the challenge?  Are you joining in?  Can you keep it down to 20 minutes, once you start?

Quilting Hottie Haven

Happy accomplishments!               Blessings, Peg


  1. Having a little trouble with your mojo? The placemats looks great!

  2. 20 is good, 120 is better. lol. Have fun no matter how much time you have to sew.

  3. It seems to be either feast or famine for me when it comes to sewing. If I have time to sew, I can definitely get in a lot more than 20 minutes ... but there are days when the best that I can do is dream about working with needle and thread. So, when I have a day where I can sew, I cannot stop at just 20 minutes ... and since there will be days where it will be just impossible to get any sewing done, I'll pass on the Drop and Give Me Twenty challenge.

  4. Oh pretty - and sounds like you will be busy this month. Enjoy!!!

  5. Kim and I were wondering the same thing. Can we 'bank' hours?. Btw Kim liked how you used the fabric she sent you in the winter white blocks. She was over for a stitching afternoon Friday!

  6. I admire all quilters, I hope that some day I will learn this craft. I do a lot of cross stitching - would that count for Drop and Give Me 20?