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A Pieceful Life


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Monday, March 25, 2013


I’ve been picking away at these for the last few days:



I got each of the 3 rows together, laid them back down again to figure out how to press the seams so they’d all nest correctly, pressed them all, then sewed the top row to the middle row, and laid them all out again.

I HAD THE TOP OUTER CORNERS TURNED THE WRONG WAY!  At least there are only 3 blocks.  So frogging commenced and now they’re laid out again.  I just didn’t have enough heart left in me yesterday to sew anymore.  Maybe I should have followed Kim’s tips before I sat down to this – some chocolate might have woken me up to the mistake sooner.

This was done after we’d had an emergency visit to the vet in the morning (which precluded going to church) because our Sadie went out for a widdle, and suddenly couldn’t walk!  She could stand, but was very shaky, and her hind end just wasn’t working right.  So we made the call and packed her up.  X-rays showed her back is almost totally fused with arthritis, and the best we can figure is that she twisted her back somehow and it just hurt too much!  Thankfully there don’t appear to be any compressed or bulging discs – and anti-inflammatory meds are already doing their job.  This did get us going on making a ramp for her, something we’ve been talking about for a while knowing that she’s getting older and stairs may become a problem for her – now we just have to persuade her to use it!

On a quilting note – Saturday was spent at the Creative Stitching show.  All those lovely quilting vendors, all those new sewing machines, all those wonderful gadgets that we just ‘have to have’, all that fabric!  Actually I spent my money on thread – prewound bobbins and quilting threads for Big Bertha.

The main display this year was the Langley Machine Embroidery Group.  They showed off the techniques they’d been learning, and how they used them, mostly in quilts!  Here’s a few pics for you to enjoy:



It was a great day! 

Blessings, Peg


  1. I like those blocks and your colour choices are so much what I'd choose. Are they from a specific pattern or BOM?
    Oh yes, chocolate definitely helps.

  2. Great quilts - and I hope Miss Sadie continues to do well - poor old thing.