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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for


Horses have always fascinated me, but I've had little opportunity to be around them.  A number of years ago Grizz and I went on a trail ride, and couldn't walk for two days after - but it was fun!  Wild horses are even more fascinating, and I just love to watch them - so free and proud!  A baby horse is a foal, and when they turn 2 years old, they become colts (boys) and fillies (girls).  Then they grow up (about 6 years old) they are called stallions (boys) and mares (girls).  Horses in the wild run in herds, with one stallion overseeing and protecting all the mares, colts, fillies and foals - just one big happy family!

H is also for hooks, which are an absolute necessity for an organized sewing space.  Hooks on the wall to hang rulers and notions so they're right at hand just keep everything close yet out of the way.  If you don't want to put holes in the wall, and so that you can rearrange as necessary, 3M makes a whole variety of removable, reusable hooks.  A peg-board is also a brilliant idea, and there are all kinds of hooks to use on them, and again they can be removed and rearranged at will.  One of the best ideas for hooks is to have one near your cutting board, and near your sewing machine on which you hang a pants-hanger, to which you clip your pattern for easy quick reference:

Happy organization!                 Blessings, Peg

I'm trying something different and going back to Blogger to write this post.  Not sure how I'm going to like this, as there are limitations but want to see if those folk out there who have not been seeing my posts on their reader lists can see them again this way.  That might tell me that the problem lies with Live Writer.  So if you're one of my followers who has not seen my posts on their reader lists for the last month or so, and this one displays there, please let me know!   Thanks!


  1. sorry Peg it didn't show up as a new post on my reader list. The last post on my reader list is 'momentum' I just know you are posting so i check myself.

  2. I really like this organizational idea, peg board and pants hanger, wow!

  3. I loved horses as a kid - always wanted my parents to buy me one! No such luck, but I did go to camps that had horses just so I'd get a chance to ride! Love the idea of the peg board and hooks - you have so many great organizational ideas

  4. Hey there you are Peg! I see you....oh yes...and your post

  5. Oh there you are Peg! I see you now...and yes...your post too!

  6. They just keep getting cuter. I use a clothes hanger with clips (for skirts/pants) to hold my cook books. It works like a charm, keeping the pages open and the book off the counter so it doesn't get full of flour and stuff. It is a bit of a pain if I have to turn the page, though.

  7. Hey look, this post finally showed up!!