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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for



The iguana baby never meets its mother.  The mother lays eggs in warm sand, and just leaves it there, so the baby after it hatches has to figure out how to eat and walk and swim all by itself.  And iguanas do swim; they can stay underwater for up to 28 minutes!  But they like warmth, and if you have an iguana in a cage at home, they’re happiest with a heated rock to sleep on.

I is also for iron – probably the most necessary tool for a quilter after the sewing machine (well actually if a quilter wants to hand sew…..).  But every piece of fabric, every section of every block, every block, every section of every quilt….well, you get the picture….everything needs to be ironed.  I have 2 – a regular size iron for most of my pressing needs, and a small travel iron that is really handy beside the sewing machine for those quick shots to press down a seam so another seam can be sewn, to press back pieces when paper- or foundation-piecing. 


Along with the little iron, I have a small portable pressing board that’s fabric on one side and non-stick on the other, helpful for using fusible web that’s not paper-backed.

002  003

Happy ironing!          Blessings, Peg


  1. and happy iguana too! nice to see you again!

  2. I like my ironing board more than my iron. :)
    I do iron when I have to, but so many fabrics these days don't seem to need it.
    Sad that baby iguana never meets his mother. Well ... it's normal, just sad to us humans.

  3. it's an interesting phenomena - I always iron when I'm sewing, but you'd swear I didn't own an iron when you see how wrinkled my clothes are!

  4. Well well well! Now how did I overlook iguana from my list previously? And such a cute little guy too!

  5. Well well well. How could I have missed guessing iguana and such a cute little iguana too!

  6. Oh so that's what the letters are about! I just bought a brand new iron.

  7. The only time I iron is when piecing ... otherwise, nothankyou!

  8. That's a cute little guy. I am looking out for a used iron without holes in the sole plate and have not had any luck - yet!

  9. I didn't know that about iguanas. Interesting, kind of like sea turtles in that way.

  10. Do you have an animal for every letter? The only ones I can think of for J are Jackal and Joey and I'm guessing K will be Kangaroo, so that leaves Jackal and that just doesn't seem right to me for a baby quilt. I'm so curious now. But I love the iguana!

  11. Amazing - things I'd not considered . .
    Like your post - a lot, thank you.
    Happy A to Z!