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Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for

Joey (kangaroo, that is)


That’s what a baby kangaroo is called.  When the joeys are born, they crawl into the pouch on the front of their mother, where they live until they’re big enough to come out and jump around on their own.  Kangaroos are found mostly in Australia, but there are some in Papua New Guinea, and a few have been taken to New Zealand, Hawaii and Great Britain.

J is also for Judge and Jury.  Many quilting shows are ‘juried’, in other words, the quilts entered are like in a contest, and there are judges to determine the top quilts in the various categories at the show.  I’ve personally never been brave enough to enter a quilt in a juried show, or any show for that matter, but I certainly enjoy going to shows and seeing the talent and artistry of other quilters.  In Canada there’s a national quilt show (Quilt Canada) every second year, and I aspire to attending one some day.  In the in between years, there may be provincial quilt shows – and this year Quilt BC is happening at Penticton, May 16-18.  And I actually happen to know somebody who’s had a quilt accepted for the juried show, Renata at A Loose Bobbin announced her acceptance back in February.  And we’re able to plan a short trailer trip to include that weekend in Penticton – I can hardly wait to see Renata’s quilt!

Happy quilt shows!          Blessings, Peg


  1. This is going to be a cute little animals quilt! Hey, maybe we'll see you in Penticton!

  2. Have fun at the show ; ) ill be at quilt market in Portland. My first time ; )

  3. are you making a quilt with all the little animals? you probably said something about it .. I'll have to go back and read through the posts.

  4. Oh Peg! Thanks for the shout out! I can barely wait to see it hanging in the show myself.

  5. Hello... I found your post and the information about you that is to the side of your post, quite interesting. I am a quilter as well, and have made quite a few. I don't enter my quilts into shows of any kind, and I make them on my sewing machine to give away to family and friends. I am going to be 80 next month. Come and visit me at my blog, if you get a chance. I am writing a fictional continued story as my part in the Challenge. Best regards to you. Ruby

  6. Ah! So it's not a jackal after all. Very good. So now I'm thinking K might be for Koala? Yes? No? Okay, I'll wait and be surprised. As for not entering your work in a show... Take the leap, Sis! Seriously. Go for it. I'll bet you'll surprise yourself.

  7. Lucky you going to a juried quilt show! Maybe I should go too...