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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for

Nanny goat


Nanny is one name for a girl goat, a kind of nickname for Anne, just like Billy (boy goat) is a nickname for William.  Using these words for goats, instead of the regular buck and doe, started about 300 years ago.  Nannies are fiercely protective of their babies (kids) and you kind of have to be careful you don’t upset them or they’ll attack.  Many years ago, neighbors of ours had Nanny goats that gave them their milk to sell.  When the Nannies had a new batch of babies, the owners wanted to continue to sell the milk, so the babies had to be bottle fed.  The whole neighborhood took turns going over several times a day to help with the feeding; it was so much fun – and believe me the Nannies were in a separate pen!

N is also for needles.  Quilters need needles!  Whether machine sewing or hand sewing, it won’t get done without a needle.  I’m not going to discuss the kinds of needles or when/how to use the various needles, there are a lot more expert people out there to advise you about that. 

But we do need to keep the needles somewhere, and keep them safe.  So first, in their original packages is the best place to keep those new needles, obviously, so you know which needle you’re picking up.  I keep those sewing machine needle packages in the organizer box in the top left drawer of my sewing table.  When I put a new needle in my machine, I put that original package in the drawer to my immediate right, and that’s where I can check to see which needle is currently in the machine.

I’ve been told, numerous times, to change sewing machine needles frequently, and I do try to remember to do that, not just when I need a different size of needle or when a needle breaks, but after every several hours of sewing. 

But then, what do you do with that used/broken needle?  Also in my top right drawer, I keep an old pill bottle, to store them and when it’s full, I can safely toss it in the garbage, and I know nobody’s going to get pricked with the needle, or step on one.


Happy safe needle-keeping!              Blessings, Peg


  1. Peg that is a great idea. I don't sew much at all so when I have to get rid of needle or pin from something I usually weave it in and out of piece of paper before I dispose of it but that isn't the best solution at all.
    Question??? If you are feeding the kids milk from bottles didn't it come from the Nanny goats? Why didn't they just let them feed directly? I am a city girl lol.

  2. Baby goats are the cutest creatures. If I could have my own herd, I'd do it in a heartbeat!

  3. Great idea for the used needles. And I loved the story of feeding the baby goats.

  4. I need to get me one of those pill bottles!

  5. Cute little nanny goat. I save my old needles for paper piecing.

  6. There must be a way to recycle them! (Oh, my! I sound just like my daughter!) But seriously. There must be a way.