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Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for



Raccoons like to roam around at night, looking for their food.  They eat whatever they can find, whether it’s meat or vegetables or plants, and they don’t mind eating garbage.  Their front paws work kind of like human hands, so they can even open doors and lift up garbage can lids.

R is also for Rotary cutter, and rotary cutter mat, and rotary cutter rulers.  When I first started quilting, I got a mat and a rotary cutter, but didn’t have a ruler.  Grizz provided me with a straight edge, and I relied on the lines on the mat to cut those first pieces of fabric.  Oh, man, how did I ever manage?  Well, actually if you look at that first quilt really closely, maybe not even all that closely because the flaws are really obvious, you’ll see that, in fact, I didn’t manage all that well.  But lessons learned.  Now I wouldn’t be without all of these tools.


These rotary cutters are sitting on the small mat that stays at the right-hand side of my sewing machine, handy at all times for trimming little bits, especially when paper piecing.  Besides this mat, I have two large-size 24x36, and a 17x17 rotating mat which is fabulous for trimming up all those blocks as they get pieced and pressed.

The ergonomic rotary cutter is probably one of the best investments I ever made, sure cuts down on the wrist strain!

As for rulers, I don’t have a lot, but I’ve certainly decided that for me, the simpler the ruler, the happier I am.  I find those rulers with lots of colors and dotted lines confuse me, so I look for Olfa rulers which are simply black lines for full inches, black dotted lines for half inches, and smaller measurements marked across the horizontal inch lines.  Works for me!  One of my most used rulers is 1x6 inches, handy to check the 1/4” seam, great for trimming up the seams when paper piecing.

Happy rotary cutting!                Blessings, Peg


  1. Adorable raccoon - much more adorable than the gigantic one that was roaming around my yard last week.

  2. your quilt characters are adorable!
    my fave so far is the octopus! precious!

    happy a to z

  3. The thought just occurred to me... How the heck are you going to arrange 26 animals evenly in a quilt? The raccoon is, as they all are, adorable! And please make T for Tiger!

  4. Another cute critter! Don't see many of these here in Calgary, but definitely met a few when back in Ontario visiting family. Nothing like being woken up by a raccoon rummaging through the garbage bag that you forgot to put in the pail!