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Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for



A seahorse is not a horse, it’s a fish, and the smallest type is less than one inch long.  The daddy seahorse hatches the eggs that stay in a pouch on his tummy.  Seahorses don’t ‘eat’ but actually suck up their food.  And when they want to rest, they curl their tail around some seaweed so they don’t float away.

S is also for Sharing, which is something that I see, and have experienced, quilters doing all the time.  They share tips, they share their quilts by giving them away and by putting them in shows, they share their expertise in helping others work through a problem, they share their stash.  And then the real experts, teach!  I so enjoy going to classes and learning from these quilting artists.

Recently I needed a couple of small pieces of fabric, and appealed to the ladies in my sewing group.  Sure enough, our hostess L opened up her stash and freely let me ‘shop’.  Because she’s been quilting for so many years, her stash is huge, and the perfect fabrics were found, and she freely shared them with me.   And then even more recently, I had an opportunity to share.  My niece and her little family came for a visit, and she was telling me she has a new sewing machine, and had made a first attempt at quilting – what more perfect place to share an extra cutting mat, rotary cutter, and some beginner quilting books that I had on hand!  She was so excited to take these home and get started, and I can hardly wait for her to show me her first quilt!

Happy sharing!                Blessings, Peg


  1. I agree, quilters are very sharing people. nice post.

  2. What a great word for the A-Z Challenge! Sharing is the best... be it a dessert with my hubby, or just sharing heart to heart with a girlfriend, sharing is always good!

  3. Aw! The seahorse is so cute. Isn't it awesome when people share like that? And isn't even more awesome to be able to pay it forward? So cool.

  4. Beautiful. Wish I could be a quilter, but no such talent. I had an aunt who was a quilter. Loved her stories too.

    Good being here (even for non-quilters :)).

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes