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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Home again, home again

The rest of our trip to Alberta was essentially uneventful.  We had a great time with our kids, and otherwise laid low because we both had colds.  This meant not visiting elderly relatives, and staying out of crowds – and not shopping at quilt stores.

One of the features we enjoy when we’re in Alberta is the heritage signs at rest stops along the highways.  We stopped at a new one (to us at least) on one of our drives:


History and differences in cultures always fascinates both of us, and we look for opportunities to learn about the areas where we travel.  I hope you can read this.

Southwestern Alberta was expecting mega rain the day we left, so we were happy to be leaving that behind.  On our drive home back through the mountains, we got most every type of weather imaginable, from sun to snow, but the roads were good, and there wasn’t much construction to hold us up, so we made good time.

Happy to be home now, and starting to prepare for another, slightly longer trip in just a couple of weeks.

And I wasted no time getting the sewing machine busy again – I’ll have some pics in a day or two.  It’s amazing how much I miss quilting when we’re away, as much as I enjoy getting away!  It’s getting so bad, that I even took a picture of a bathroom wall that put me in mind of a quilt pattern.  I have some ideas, including doing a mystery quilt once I get the idea worked out in my head and onto paper (and make up a sample to be sure it’ll work out LOL).

Happy travels, happy home-coming!              Blessings, Peg


  1. Traveling is fun, but there's still no place like home, is there? ;-)

  2. And rain they did get!!! Edmonton only had a scattering Friday and a bit on Sat....

  3. You are lucky to have left....oh the rain we had. Today was gorgeous and the water was soaked up quickly by our parched land.

  4. I certainly could have written this myself. We just got back from a two-week trip, and while I loved it, I was so happy to get back home ... and to get back to my quilting.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip - except for having colds. I really appreciate people who stay away and don't shop (leaving their germs for others), and I'm sure your older relatives appreciated that too. Enjoy your sewing.

  6. Welcome home! Where are you off to next? My holiday plans for this year were once again thwarted, so I'll be shoveling gravel instead.