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A Pieceful Life


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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Over the Mountains and Through the Woods

Off to the prairies we go……

After we left Oliver, BC we drove along the Crowsnest Highway through some high mountain passes.  We couldn’t believe how much snow was still sitting under those trees:


But the roads were clear and the sun was shining, so it was a lovely day to drive.

And suddenly, we were in the rolling hills of Alberta.  It’s almost like day and night, the change is so abrupt.  These windy hills are particularly suited to the wind generators that begin to dot the landscape.  In the first picture below you can see giant white arms just peeking over the trees center left:


About this time the highway becomes known as the Red Coat Trail, so named for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (or actually back in the day Northwest Mounted Police) red coats, as they used this trail to make their way westward to take charge of law and order in the western provinces and territories.

Shortly after, though, we turned in a northerly direction on the famed Cowboy Trail, which runs most of the length of western Alberta and was used for driving cattle to market.  Sadly, no cattle drives for us to see.

We made a short stop at Longview, a small town that was the home of a little restaurant originally called the Navajo Mug.  If you’re a country/western fan you may recognize the name as a take-off off the Ian Tyson song Navajo Rug.  Ian Tyson was the original owner of the restaurant, having made his home for a few years in the area.  If you’re not a country/western fan, or if you’re old enough you may know Ian as 1/2 of the folk duo Ian and Sylvia. Now called The Rustic Artisan, we picked up a snack and drink and took a photo op:004

This town is intriguing, with a real cowboy flavor, and we plan to come back some day and explore it properly:


But it was getting later in the day, and our goal is visits with our children, so we pushed on to get to our reserved campsite in Okotoks.

Happy trails!               Blessings, Peg


  1. Great start to your trip - interesting town. I'm glad there wasn't any snow on the roads.

  2. Your in Okotoks! 15 more minutes north you could be at my house. I am close to the new Calgary hospital.

  3. Just so you know Okotoks has a lovely quilt shop : )

  4. Don't know why, but the Bear Song popped into my head when I saw that first picture. Must remember to teach that to the No-Jo when they come back to visit in July.

  5. You were in the neck of the woods of my roots....I now have a daughter in Okotoks.... don't you love it there!!!.... we would love to move there... an extra bonus too is that we are that much closer to AZ!!!:))