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A Pieceful Life


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Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Week Has Flown By

Sheesh!  I think I said a week ago, I’d have some pictures in a couple of days.  Well, I think the pictures were taken, but sitting down to share them with you all just didn’t happen.  In between, there have been some medical appointments, trailer fix-ups, then kids arrived from Alberta and we went down to Ferndale, WA for a day to watch DS1 compete in the Scottish Heavy Events (and forgot our camera – how we don’t know as we only own 3 or 4!!), and a day with Sis- and Bro-in-law, some friends for dinner, and suddenly the week is gone!

But, the quilting finished from early in the week:

A couple of table mats from the LQS BOM project:


And a picnicking table cover:


Just using up stash mostly, and in the meantime managed to get on some more beginnings, for more UFO’s in the cupboard. 

Now to finish up some other projects before we go on vacation, and the machines go in for servicing while we’re away.  But first – it’s laundry day, so must get to it!

And the sun is shining again today, so will be trying to get out and enjoy some of that!

Happy sun and sewing!                   Blessings, Peg


  1. Busy, as always, and showing us some more lovely pieces of quilting.

  2. Lovely finished projects. Can't wait to see what you finish up before you leave on vacation. Enjoy your sunshine - and sewing.

  3. Isn't the sunshine fabulous? They say 10 days of it - I'm so happy. Lovely finishes - the picnic cloth is my favorite.

  4. I know! The weeks fly by. Lovely projects again.

  5. Beautiful..! Sounds like you're gearing up for a busy summer!

  6. Sounds like you have been having a great time and enjoying your life - perfect!

  7. Sounds like a very fun filled and productive week. The weeks do fly by don't they. We finally have sun here so that means dropping the needle and picking up the trowel! If it isn't stitches I am ripping out then it is weeds I am pulling

  8. Is that G modeling the picnic table cover quilt? Give him a hug from me! (and take one for yourself while you're at it)