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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On the Road Again

Ultimate destination, Napa Valley California, but this first stretch is being spent exploring a little more of Washington state.

After a night spent not too far from the Canadian border, at a campground near to some good shopping so we could stock up on groceries, we headed south east.  Along the way we spotted a few deer looking sprightly, and then a mama started ambling across the road.  As we slowed down, and were concentrating on watching her, we almost missed seeing her fawn.  As we came to a stop, I grabbed the camera, and just managed to catch her before she was hidden by Grizz’s hat on the dashboard:


Here’s a close-up, isn’t she tiny?  We figure she can only be days old at the most.  Can you make out the spots?  I’m calling her ‘she’ because the spots appeared to be in rows, and many, many years ago somebody told me that baby girl fawns’ spots are in tidy rows, where baby boy’s are just a jumble (now wouldn’t that just make sense??LOL)


As we drove further south, the terrain changed from the coastal mountains that we’ve traveled through so very many times, to the almost desert-like scenery of the Okanogan Valley, which extends from BC through a good part of Washington state.  At one point, a cherry orchard twinkled in the sunlight, looking almost like Christmas – the farmer had decorated his trees with foil ‘ribbons’ of red and silver and green and blue to try to keep the birds away so that he might actually get a cherry crop.

Our destination for the second night – Grand Coulee Dam.  And now the mountains flattened out, and we drove through canyon-like area003

As we listened to our country-and-western music, we could almost picture John Wayne and his crew riding through here in quest of the bad men.

At our campsite, as we relaxed and basked in the warmth of the sun this first evening, we watched finches searching for nibbles:008007

Tomorrow, off to the Dam!

Happy animal and bird-watching!   Blessings, Peg


  1. Happy travels, Sis! To you, the lovely little fawn and the cheerful little finches.

  2. Thanks for sharing that picture of the fawn - so sweet!

    Have a great time and safe travels!

  3. You made me curious, so I looked up fawn spot patterns. It turns out that there is no rhyme or reason to spot patterns. Camoflage is camoflage, regardless of gender. But "she" is as good a pronoun as any. :) Keep those photos coming, and enjoy your trip!

  4. Looks like you are having a wonderful trip!

  5. those finches are so brilliant in brown dirt! enjoy your travels and sights.

  6. Oh I hope you get to stop at Dry Falls - it is the most amazing sight ever. There is an interpretive center that gives fabulous information.

  7. I can't wait to retire this winter so we can take trips like this! Wahoooo!